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Xpressbet, LLC

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Washington
Address 200 Racetrack Road, Building 26
Phone 866.889.7737

Xpressbet, LLC Reviews

  • Dec 14, 2016

First off let me explain I have been a long time loyal customer of xpressbet and never had an issue. I have bet over $500,000 with them. I am also a 70 year old retiree and love to bet horse racing. I am not too good on the computer, but this has never been an issue for me when using until now. For this reason, i have always taken screen shots of every wager i made with xpressbet so i would ensure an issue like this never happened. But when you read this, you will find out those screenshots meant nothing to this company.

I made multiple $0.50 pick 4 bets at Aqueduct on Dec 11, 2016 ( i have copied and pasted bets below)

I always take screen shots of my bets - so i have attached them as well.

The winning pick 4 numbers was 1/4/3/7 and it paid $250 for .50 in the late pick 4 at Aquduct on Dec 11, 2016.

I had the winning wager a total of 12 times which makes these winning wagers a total of $3000 i should have won.

After the race when I noticed the money was not credited to my account, I tried to see if there was an issue. I looked at my bets and it was correct but it said payout was $0, even though I had the winning numbers.

Further proof, is I made this bet because of a horse racing handicapping on twitter that posted that same exact ticket i bet below

The person who gave out this ticket on twitter is well known and I made the same exact bets on xpressbet.

i never had any issues when betting on the website on my computer before. this is why i always do screenshots and never use mobile.

So once i emailed customer support with my complaint and screenshot proof of the winning wagers - this wa stheir response to me: "we are sorry but the winning wagers were never placed in our system" . I also get a followup email a few hours later saying "you probably made these wagers with a different company"

So let me explain, i only use . Let me also explain, i made these same exact wagers i have screen shots for and nothing else. Now when i log into my account, the wagers say a different wager - so their software had to mess up on my winning wagers. has been horrible throughout this whole process. They have offered very limited help. And do not forget i have placed over $500,000 of wagers with their company

I guess its time to switch to TVG now.

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