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XPO Logistics, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 10195 Somerset Road
Phone 210-782-9746

XPO Logistics, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2018

Just had XPO deny a $3000 freight claim for a delivery they totally destroyed. Customer refused delivery due to extensive damage, XPO kept the damaged pallet in their warehouse for three weeks before returning it to point of origin and supposedly never looked at it.

Then it languished in warehouse for over six weeks before it was tossed out by mistake by a cleanup crew.

Their inspector arrived 2 days later and all we had were the photos (plenty of them too). So, invoking their "right to inspect", they weaseled out of the claim altogether on a thin loophole.

I will never use them again and hope nobody else does either. Plenty of reasonable companies out there.

  • Nov 28, 2017

This report is to inform the public of deceptive contracting practices to avoid paying taxes. This scheme is an example of using "independent contractors" to avoid tax liability along with the expense of paying benefits. Xpo acquired the flatbed contract with Lowes and xpo charged me for the leasing and maintenance of the truck, despite not even having any ownership of the flatbed or even being a lessee. The flatbed registration was about to expire, so I informed XPO market Manager about the vehicle not being owned, my rate of my contract. Next thing you know, they stop assigning routes to me. I reported everything to FMCSA but this is to make the public aware , XPO is defrauding people .

  • Feb 25, 2017

In October 2016, XPO terminated me as a driver. They did this unexpectedly and without cause. My termination was the result of a very trival and inconsequential incident I had at a receiver. I was protecting the company when the incident happened. It was so inconsequential that I was shocked they used it as an excuse to terminate me.

I was not allowed to explain my side of the incident. I was simply told I had been terminated and where to take the truck. After five years of loyal service, I was denied any opportunity to defend myself against an unwarranted accusation.

I live in Florida. I already knew XPO had closed its Orientation Center in Jacksonville and was no longer hiring drivers out of Florida. I did not know XPO/Conway Truckload was in the process of terminating any and all existing drivers who lived in Florida. I was one of the individuals who suffered because of their corporate decision.

The damage they do to ones work record is unconscienable. After thrity-five years of driving with an excellent work record, I now have a 'Termination' on my record. That's never good.

I had to take my truck to a small town in Ohio, remove my belongings, and find my own way back to Florida. Not an easy thing to do. These people are heartless.

I would have been much more impressed if the management of XPO/Conway Truckload had proported themselves as men and simply come to me saying they were making changes that affected Florida drivers and given me a reasonable amount of time to find another job and still maintain my good work history. I would have understood. I would have had respect for their decision.

However, they proved themselves to be men and women without honor or integrity. I suppose I should be happy to no longer be forced to have any dealings with such unscrupulous people.

Several times throughout XPO's ownership of Conway Truckload (a period of 2-3 years), management had done questionable things which made no sense. I came to realize the management of XPO was very poor. Yes, they had power but power is not the same as good management.

After my termination in October 2016, I learned XPO had gutted and sold off Conway Truckload to CFI. I wish them luck.

  • Sep 12, 2016

I would like all drivers both male and female to consider very carefully what you are about to see and hear before spending your time and talent on considering working for XPO logistics.

They are also still going under the name of Con-Way Truckload in a hope to ride on the shirt tails of a once sucsessful company.

I will be posting , dating my miles each week with also my pay amount in the hopes of steering other drivers clear of this company.

I will be also talking about the Fuel Dept. which now should be called the toll road Dept. .

You are paid on the shortest route to get from your shipper to your reciever. Unfortunately, now that XPO has taken over they will still pay you on the shortest route but will require you to follow a fuel route which can and will require you to buy fuel at certain locations ... up to 3 or more fuel stops a day so the can lead you around the toll roads...

If you decide your not going to follow this fuel route, you can and will recieve calls, reduced miles, and yes even termination.

Expect to add on about 10% extra miles for each trip of which you will not be paid for...

Lets talk Health Beneifits, Your basic Health Care will cost you and arm and a leg... $4,000.00 deductable and then they will only cover a small percent of what you spend at the Dr. or Dentist.

If you smoke you will be charged an addition amount and you will be required to go to a Dr. to get an health screening done ....

If you don't you will be charged yet another fee weekly and so will each of your family members which are on you medical insurance.... Yes they also must go for a screening or be charged a fee....

This which is addmitted by XPO will add thousands of dollars which you will pay out each and every year you work there.

On with the pay checks, I will post the last several paychecks which I have rec. and keep in mind that I never take a payrole advance unless it is one that the company forces you to take to pay for a lumper.

Yes that's right....You take a personal payrole advance to cover their lumper cost... Doesn't sound right does it? Ask any XPO/Con-Way Truckload driver if this is so.... Any thing I write can also be asked to a driver....

I wouldn't bother asking the recruiter unless you just need a little hot air blown up your skirt.

This posting is Current as of 09-10-2016 and will be updated weekly I will be adding my paychecks which range form $200 a week LOL, yes I siad $200 for a 7 day work week(no advance) with 3, 34 hr reset.... YES 3 in one week

I will also average the check amounts which will make your jaw drop ...... I Will be doing all of this in hopes of keeping even one driver from wasting their time here....

  • May 19, 2016

This has to be the worse trucking company I have ever worked for. They are now stripping away everything that CFI & Con-way built in hopes of making it a better company... Brad needs to be fired then ran out of town..... He is so incompetent that he alone will cause the fall of a once great company..

He makes the trucks just sit out on the road only taking high end frieght and giving the drivers less than 1800 miles per week..... Stay clear of here unless you want to lose all that you and your family has worked for.

He will break you, use you, then toss you aside.... Go look at their stock..... Falling like a rock. A great sign of a poor leader.

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