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Wyvernwood Garden Apartments

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 2901 E Olympic Blvd
Phone (323) 676-1587

Wyvernwood Garden Apartments Reviews

  • Jul 19, 2021

Re: Discrimination disability retaliation failure to comply with retaliation I filed a complaint with you yesterday they tower my car today.

Threats by security (strong arm) denial of service cut of service dangerous common areas denial of service dog, denial use of wheel chair wheelchair ramp a decade long abuse’

While there many many many violations laws codes and ordinance violated and broken by you I do believe that the vast majority if them, if not in fact all of them fall squarely under the

ADA COMPLAINT Title III Complaint |

under title III of the ADA, which prohibits discrimination based on disability by businesses and non-profit agencies.

I have sent this 158 page document, plus pictures and letter emails faxes, canceled checks, money orders, certified letters etc, literally totally over the tens of thousands in nature.

US Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Civil Rights Division

Disability Rights Section – 1425 NYA

Washington, D.C. 20530

Fax: (202) 307-1197

Have also filed complaint by E-mail at [email protected]

ADA Information Line: 800-514-0301 (voice) or 800-514-0383 (TTY)

As I have informed you also have filed several complaints with HUD. Including one on

My 6-7-2021 complaint to HUD & The Us Attorney general Title 3 complaint

Which triggered *7- 10-2021 retaliatory notice to me. Despite it having the deceitful and misrepresented date of 7- 9-2021, and was designed to be a from of harassment & retaliation)

*(Which should be noted by your erroneously dated, *7-10-2021, and served in violation of the law)

7-13-2021 I sent an e-mail informing you (sum and substance) of your ADA violations, and your abuse and extremely negligent behavior causing me to be in continued & increasing danger by you and from you, further you decades long failure to comply with reasonable accommodations (amending my 6-7-2021 complaints to Attorney general & HUD)

On 7-14-2021 you responded without concern succeeding to extend and to continue your abusive behavior and through omission declining to address any of the ADA violation and reasonable accommodations, Simply you were violating the ADA, Federal laws, et,

(Your use of seizure trigger lights, rampant smoking by tenants & employees effecting my rights under ADA, dangerous repair concerns, dangerous common areas, dangerous repairs incomplete repairs, defect repairs within my unit, failure to comply with reasonable accommodations, use of wheelchair & ramp)

On 7-17-2021 I did remind you that I filed a complaint with HUD and that we requested that they join us in our complaint to the Us Attorney general.

This 7-17-2021 communication (via e-mail) which led you to act of retaliation motivated by a deep and profound anger and violence and to wrongfully have my car towed away on or about 7-18-2010 in an act of vicious and cruel retaliation.

(There was truck with a security emblem that was involved, as we thought it was an emergency we accommodated the vehicle)

Yours and the “towing” compass report had several glaring “errors” including where my car was located and where it was towed from I also took note, that there were other cars clearly illegal parked that were not towed.

It should also be noted that your office has informed me to be my own police man as there exist no external mechanisms to indicate and inform on illegal parked vehicles yet you were able to retaliate against my car and have me towed the day after you found out I had filed a complaint with HUD and The US ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE;

(Including use of my wheelchair wheelchair ramp dangerous common areas and IRONICALLY PARKING and MANY MANY MANY other issues violations etc. Not a coincidence)

I have received your message loud and clear not to mess with you otherwise you will have my car towed away despite having reserved parking and a handicap placard. I get the message that you have employed a vehicle with security emblem to impounded my parking. I am also aware that you are willing to relocate my car and or falsify towing records to have my car impounded so that I might end my pursing of legal rights and remedies under the ADA and you will pull out all stops in preventing me from doing so.

I will digress and move forward:

My complaints are not listed in priority order- and nothing should be inferred from this notices manner of organization and order-

It should However, be noted that despite my best efforts, good faith efforts, I will fall short of covering every issues in scope and magnitude as well as compellingly describing all the reinvent issues. . The reality is, despite outward appearances I feel very ill.

Which you apparently feel very privileged in exploiting and taking full advantage if, your way si they way of spite and retaliation.

Please also take notice, in an attempt to be perfectly clear: is difficult to write as this process is both physically painful for me to do so, and I do so, because once again you have forced my back against the wall. In other words I feel like I have no choice;

To be more specific I AM WRITING THIS NOTICE TO YOU WHILE attempting TO MANGE MY SEIZURES, (which as I have informed you, that you have negligently and irresponsible and significantly contributed to and/or caused through your rampant and negligently continued cruelty-through i.e. Your lack of lighting, poorly functioning, inconsistent strobe lighting and permitting wanton use of flashing disco lights by those holding parties in my vicinity)

I further I am forced to contend with MY SERIOUS VERTIGO AND PREPUTIAL RINGING OF BOTH OF MY EARS and these unusual discombobulating as well as disorienting headaches, (Not a complete description) etc, (much of WHICH i DID NOT HAVE PRIOR TO you to my fall in your bathroom where you failed to properly keep and maintain--poor flooring, unrepaired leaks--

I will also note that in the creation of this notice I am ill and on medication, as a matter of fact I may also have Covid and my breathing disabilities are much worse now. Covid or no Covid..

Still I submit this notice to you (and other authorities & institutions) within this spirit of good faith, as my ONLY other realistic option is to not write it at all and that is of course unacceptable and would not be recognized as a valid reason nor relief under the law-- .

Instead you will have to contend with the situation you worked hard and long to create.

It is accurate to state that You have further contributed to and excelled my deterioration and causation of my condition, and to its degree of seriousness, you have caused and contributed to repeatedly injuring me on your premises.

I hope that your rampant and pervasive abuse of me, in-it-of-itself, makes you all proud, because it was clearly a decade long team effort of discrimination & retaliation, assault, battery and mistreatment)

Before I go further I know I am not telling you anything that you are not aware of but I am repeating myself (yearly at least) due to these documents going to HUD as Well as The Attorney general for ADA and other violations, criminal (Fire Department, OSHA, CALOSHA) and otherwise. you have failed to meet your obligations to maintain a safe working environment for your employees as well as your tenants, guests, contractors and visitors--

As you have been impossible and unreasonable in understating my disabilities I have been forced to continually and repeatedly attempt tpo provide you with an education, but you can not teach folks that simply do not care--

You have, by using several means violated my HIPPA and privacy rights-- (I believe you forced me to reveal information I did not have to in order to even attempt to secure my rights under the ADA etc, I have several documents dating at least back to 2012, Yet your lawyer (s) act/acted like an ignorant uneducated moron that knew nothing, AKA the Sargent Schultz Strategy. Which I would argue is discrimination in it of itself--and deliberately made false statements as an officer of the court and indeed committed perjury And as such seized being legal representatives and became co- conspirators. I am forwarding a copy of my complaint to the bar association. As you help assisted or create, directed or lit the path way for your clients to deny me of my ADA and possibly my civil rights)

Further, in the many places expressed within this notice, next to such terms as ‘code’, ‘ordinance,’ and ‘criminal violations,’ I have made some notes in some areas, therefore the absences of such ‘notes’ or any commentary means nothing as it impossible for me to list and/or respond to every problem you have created. And nothing is inferred or implied by the absences of such ‘notes’ and/or ‘information’ )

Also I have tried to use terms that you are most comfortable with as there is a gap of feigned mis understanding (I.E. Marcello and others asking for a letter for a what they designated as ‘comfort dog’ when I told them expressly I needed a ‘service dog’, when I said ‘service dog’ they keep correcting me telling me “You mean comfort dog right?” Adding “we need a letter from your doctor saying he approves a comfort dog.”

Not wanting to have just one more argument I provided what they requested now realizing that this also was subterfuge and designed to bamboozle me. (wow you guys are freaking devious. Always playing word games NOT out of your PRETEND ignorance and “not knowing” but very much from a position of EDUCATING and KNOWING)

(though I have Drs letters applying such terms)

You should also be advised: that--

I have contacted ALL of the various enforcement agencies and requested that they investigate-my legitimate concerns- this includes, but is not limited to, NEW Complaint filed with HUD (6-7-2021, i Have included this document/notice, and more will surly follow.

FURTHER, I have FILED WITH the US Attorney General as they may file an action to discover if their office has reasonable cause to believe that there is a pattern or practice of discrimination that violates the ADA. I have requested that HUD join me in this solicitation of the US ATTORNEY GENERAL,

Additionally, Allow this to serve notice that Actions filed by the US Attorney General can result in significant fines. To clarify; the US Attorney General may file an action if it has reasonable cause to believe that there is a pattern or practice of discrimination that violates the ADA. I am alos filing against your attorneys and others as being part and parcel to your charade-- as well as with the Bar Association;

I will however mildly digress: as some (SOME) of the more serious issue of concerns are as follows-

Smoking laws, assault (injury from smoking ADA) , harassment, retaliation, to endure pain agony and suffering it is you have inflicted upon me is beyond too much--

no cold water, (can not appriately shower in summer in particualr) dirty smelly water,

poor lighting, seizure triggering ligthing (and/or inconsistent, unreliable)

I will also note that in the creation of this notice I am ill and on medication, as a matter of fact I may also have Covid..



I am in danger--period--


Proving there are dangerous animals running loose here: and you have been negligent.

SMOKE PERSISTENT- (Ada reasonable accommodation et al)




PO BOX 66738

Washington DC 20035-6738



(as a true and accurate example: Chapter 6: Curb Ramps and Pedestrian Crossings Under ... - ADA

1 28 C.F.R. Part 36, Appendix A, § 3.4. Some people refer to curb ramps as "curb cuts" because most curb ramps cut through the curb. Chapter 6: Curb Ramps and Pedestrian Crossings ... with greater slopes are allowed for pre-ADA curb ramps in the two following instances where space limitations prohibit the use of a slope of 8.33 percent

I am effectively trapped on your property, I should not have to place myself in danger of serious arm or death to navigate your property-

Commercial County of Los Angeles Department of Public ... 24 Disabled Access/2011 Code Version/2011 Accessibility - Commercial Plan Review_ADA.pdf

COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS BUILDING AND SAFETY DIVISION COMMERCIAL ... and Fair Housing Act (HUD). Where the ADA & HUD requirements exceed those contained in Title 24, Part 2, it is the owners responsibility and consultants to ensure compliance with the most current ADA ... including curb cuts or ramps as needed. (1129B.3 ...

ADA Accessibility Survey Instructions: Curb Ramps

ADA Accessibility Survey Instructions Curb Ramps Page 3 of 6 7 [§ 4.7.8] Curb ramps must be located where they will not be obstructed by parked vehicles. If the curb ramp you are surveying is along a public right-of-way or at a pedestrian crossing, vehicles should be prohibited from parking directly in front of the curb ramp on the street.

Disabled Parking Requirements - Kimball Tirey & St. John LLP

There must be curb cuts, ramps, wide doorways, lever door handles, etc. on the routes that a disabled person might take in order to contact a representative of the owner of the property. Under California law, properties with 16 or more residential rental units must have a representative of the owner on-site.

Disabled Parking Requirements

Lynn N. Dover, Esq.

Revised December 2015


The federal law called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that any area to which a member of the public is invited, must be “accessible” to disabled persons. There must be curb cuts, ramps, wide doorways, lever door handles, etc. on the routes that a disabled person might take in order to contact a representative of the owner of the property.

Under California law, properties with 16 or more residential rental units must have a representative of the owner on-site. If that representative interacts with the public, for instance conducting tours and taking applications from prospective residents, the office (or the portion of the representative’s unit which is used to conduct business) must comply with the ADA. In addition, if a property allows public use of amenities (such as allowing members of the general public who are not residents or guests of residents to rent the clubhouse for activities), the ADA would require those areas to be accessible as well.

But what about parking? If there is no parking on the property…or all parking is reserved for residents, then there is no “public” parking and the ADA does not apply to parking on that property. If there is prospective resident or guest parking on-site, the ADA applies and there must be a blue-striped space with the blue wheelchair sign designated for the use of persons with disability placards or license plates. The ADA requires at least one designated disabled space for every twenty-five parking spaces. The ADA focuses only on public parking, so the rule can be interpreted to mean that there must be one designated disabled space for every twenty-five public spaces. There are few rental communities which have twenty-five or more spaces for public parking. Therefore, the requirements of the ADA should be able to be met on properties which have public parking by establishing at least one designated disabled parking space in each area in which the public is allowed to park. The first designated space must be a van-accessible space. In parking lots with numerous disabled spaces, one out of eight such designated spaces must be van-accessible.

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