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Country United States
State Wyoming
City Laramie
Address 4373 North 3rd Street
Phone (307) 742-3776

WyoTech Reviews

  • May 20, 2016

I attend Wyotech long beach while attending I was encouraged to use there career services dept. And I did received three different temp jobs. Here is where the problem is so now I need to adjust time of school from day class to afternoon then night then weekend's then they told me I should pull out and come back after. I asked them what would happen with my fafsa and Fed and private loans paperwork and told verbally that any unused loans would be returned. So my fafsa and Sallie mae loan paid for the time was there ok no problem Balance of Sallie Mae $500. Genesis loan would be returned. BUT I should make payments until the balance is changed and adjusted. Checking out of school Genisis is returned no balance due should receive credit back nope! School closes loan sold to University Account Services Balboa trust no change except now I don't owe 4000. Its 3000 due to the closure inform them that loan was supposed to be returned no they said I have tools that were issued from Wyotech NOTE:I also just found out that the loan is with GOAL solutions fininacial??? (Ideal electrical tools which you get when you graduate) I told them but I didn't . so again after researching on the web again Genisis loan was supposed to be returned back but Wyotech kept the money and they sold all loans including mine for $19 million dollars so double the private money. Note to people I had electric trainee/apprentice experience Wyotech did not want to take and give credit (WASC accredited my previous school but due to budget cuts in the district hours and days were cut) this is why I ended up at Wyotech. My loan issue isn't as bad as others but still want this fix. And US dept. Of education is not helping much either none of federal and state California department's speak to each other. GOAL financial wants me to file a police report but long beach won't do it so here we are again with no answers.

  • Feb 4, 2016

I first heard about WyoTech in my school, a recruiter came in and gave a presentation and it immediately caught my interest and I was definitely sold. It all sounded so perfect. So yes, I applied had a representative come to my house. He gave my guardian and I this wonderful speech and had me totally convinced my mind was set, I was going to Wyoming. The representative was there for me through everything. All the deadlines he made sure I met them before. Very supportive. He seemed so excited for me also choosing Wyotech. As the starting date got closer, reality started hitting me. I was thinking if I'm going to be paying a $29,250 tuition, I first need to do some research and read some reviews on this school. So i did and gained a lot of the same perspectives from different people reviewing the school. A lot of it was negetive and things I personally didnt want to deal with and things I feel students at WyoTech paying that tuition shouldnt have to deal with first of all. I decided leaving California to go to Wyoming at the age I am was not too much of a good idea, I also had A LOT of other personal reasons why I wanted to back out of going to WyoTech. So with all the research and reading and reviews not only from the internet but from people who worked for WyoTech on the past, I officially decided this wasn't a go. I made the choice to call my representative to let him know. As soon as I called I let him know why i was calling and he immediately threw a fit. Saying hes done so much for me and im making a mistake. That was all still okay but still out of his place. I was expecting him to be professional about it but instead he acted so foolish and immature (ok this guy literally had to be in his 50's) Then started telling me that what was i going to do with my life now. things werent going to work out for me i was going to regret it all. Then told me being a female welder would get me no where because i am a female nobody would want me (he told me this bc he knows im a welder) but thats what got me mad. I feel all he told me was unnecessary. Bashing me because I am female in this type of field I felt disgusted by him. Knowing he works for WyoTech gave me a bad impression and counting the reviews and research I did. No thank you. Wyotech needs to check their people. Because that was literally unnecessary. He shouldve just accepted that i wanted to cancle it due to my personal reasons and instead he insisted on knowing why then disrdspected me. Only because he probably lost out on his commission. Which confirms that WyoTech only cares about money and not you individually. Which is typical. But they paint this pretty picture for you , when its all fake. My advice, do your research, get as much background information you possibly can about anything you invest in. Use all resources.

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