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Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 400 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 500
Phone (312) 256-9090 |

Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2015

Wynndalco Enterperises is synonimous to David R. Andalcio and different companies claming to be one of the Fortune 500 companies of the US which is not true. In the company pages he indicates that he helped Puerto Rico with the E-rate program, which is not true, he has develop an scheme of companies which contract one and then another. Wynndalco goes to the different departments of Educations of cities of different states to help liberate funds, he gets some funds, then Wynndalco, contracts Interface Computer Communications (ICC Max)( their representatives Louis Goffredo, Hermes Jimenez, Arleen Martinez, Eddie Madiedo, Yancy Cabrera, Lucas Noble, Anders Seaman, Teresa Rodriguez, Samantha Gregory, Jose Flores, in the case of Puerto Rico they contacted a company in New York Metstaff and their repersantative Michael Esposito.

The job was to make an assestment of the schools equipment, the computers which we had to work were property of Wynndalco but all their licenceses were pirated and ilegal, the companies were not registered to bonduct business in Puerto Rico, and the pay per hour was always late, also they did not want to pay for milage.

Mr. Andalcio claims that Interface Computer Communications is not his but this following page says the contrary, also he and his company were involved in a scam with Netopia,,,

David R. Andalcio also claims he is a latino which brings a bad name to all latinos, he claimed at one time the Chicago tribune also made an article on him, which makes him a fradulent person, a con artist which buys his reputation and goverment positions with money also donating to the President Barak Obama.

No govement agency has even investigated how $ 18,000,000 million dollars went on a survey of 400 schools and no action taken on the needs of the schools. How can this be posible a person with such a background with a company that steals ideas, software, federal funds and even deciet E-rate programs the supposed offices do not exists not the one in Orlando, Florida or the one in San Juan Puerto Rico. Do not work for any of this companies, they are all a reflection of David R. Andalcio a scam, a fraud, a thief with the acquisiton power to buy his way out of legal proceedings.

All this information was given in an exclusive interview with one of David R. Andalcio victim, Mr. David Lima, he and his team created a database for the E-rate project, a website and a company and after David R. Andalcio saw all the information and gather all he needed stole the idea for his website, the way the database was develop and sold the solution to the PRDOE as the $18,000,000 million dollar package solution.

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