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Wyndham La Belle Maison

Country United States
State Louisiana
City New Orleans
Address 209 Magazine St
Phone 1 504-558-5900

Wyndham La Belle Maison Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2018

In New Orleans, LA on or about June 12, 2018, we showed up for a timeshare presentation and learned that because we were already RCI members, we would not be required to sit through the entire presentation. They fast-tracked us to the negotiations process. Initially, they were offering us the RCI plan they said Wyndham should've sent us shortly after Wyndham purchased RCI. The plans were for timeshare point conversions to weeks/extended weekends. We explained that our children participate in competitive sports and travel often which often prevents us from taking weeks of vacation. We were told all about the Wyndham brand and what hotels fall therein and that the representatives could offer us a plan that would allow us to use the points at any of the Wyndham brand hotels. They offered us 400,000 points which we thought would be great to use as we travel in support of our children. In essence, we'd be paying a fixed monthly amount (versus paying for hotels as needed) for points to use at our convenience. Considering that fell in line with our lives, we thought this would be perfect.

They told us that we couldn't make any transactions, register for the system-use otherwise put the plan to a test until after the first payment was processed. That payment took about five days. We were also told we'd receive a "welcome" email (membership number, etc included therein) which never arrived - in fact, our email address was never even put on our account until I spoke with Karen on 6/27/18. This all obviously hindered our ability to test the system/product/plan to help us determine: 1. whether there was this 80/20 availability they told us existed for Wyndham owners vs reward point users, travel agency bookings etc.; 2. if what we agreed to is actually what we received; 3. that things worked the way we were told they would work; and 4. more. When we didn't receive our "welcome" email, we called several different Wyndham toll-free numbers and continued to get the run-around for many days. my husband finally got through on or about 6/20/18 to learn that the membership that was in the Wyndham system limited him to booking at resort locations only (Linda and Jeffrey). He complained at that time that this was not what we signed up for. However, the Owner Care Division was closed.

He called back through 6/25/18 but his hold times were too long or he was disconnected in transfer attempts between departments (and this happened to me a few times as well). I also called back several times in attempts to gain answers. We obviously couldn't gain access to the system without the membership and contract numbers no matter what we did. After being transferred around several times, I was able to get Karen on 6/27/18. Karen took notes of my complaint that we did not sign up for resort only arrangements, entered our email address into the system and attempted to get us to try the resort option maybe during the few weeks of the year that the children don't travel (eg. week between Christmas and New Year) or a vacation for ourselves (adults), and my husband liked that Karen mentioned there were locations in Canada because he could potentially aim to have his annual fishing trip there versus the normal locations. We promised to give it a look and call back. We looked into the locations where we could book, and there were actually absolutely no places available for us to book in Canada because all the locations were grayed out (only available to those Wyndham owners at a different level than ours).

After looking through the very limited list, we were even more dismayed. This was absolutely absurd! Three of the maybe 10 available locations are very close to our home - no place to vacation! And the others were not appealing to us at all. In speaking with them on 6/29/18, this was the very first mention of any rescission period. However, as I mentioned, this transaction was purely fraudulent. Wyndham should be ashamed to do this to people. We would like to either receive a plan which we signed up for (hotel points to use at all Wyndham brands) or to be made whole be returning all funds to us and cancelling any debt balances. We'd also like to be compensated for our troubles, but we'll leave that up to Wyndham to offer us what they believe is fair. As an IATA member, my view has been completely soured by this experience. I hope that Wyndham would readily fix this matter. Otherwise, I'd absolutely never send any clients through any Wyndham brand hotel for fear they may also succumb to such distasteful service. Additionally, I would ensure that I tell all of my clients and families I work with in other capacities to always steer of Wyndham. I will also be waging formal complaint, as necessary, with all regulatory agencies as well as investigative services.

We disputed all of this in writiing on 6/29/18. On or about 7/30/18, Wyndham made an unauthorized charge to my husband's account for the debt balance in dispute! TOTALLY FRAUDULENT ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!!!

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