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Wyman's Auto Body

Country United States
State Maine
City Gorham
Address 201 New Portland Rd
Phone 1 207-839-6401

Wyman's Auto Body Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2020

On October 1st,2020 I dropped off my 26 year old Miata at Wyman’s Auto Body in Gorham for a complete paint job. The car is in good mechanical and structural shape, but the paint was mostly original and faded. I selected Wyman’s to do the job because of their reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. When bringing the car in for the quote, I made sure they were aware of the need to be careful if removing/installing the convertible top in order to not damage the rain rails or other components that keep water from entering the vehicle.

I was notified on Tuesday, November 3rd that the job was complete and the car ready for pickup. While I thought that this represented an excessive amount of time to complete the project, I was more interested in quality than a quick turnaround, especially since the car is not a daily driver. I visited the shop, paid the balance of the bill ,took a look at the car, and made arrangements to have it hauled home on their flatbed. The paint looked good and I was pleased.

The car was dropped off on Wednesday, November 4th as promised and I parked it in the shelter that was installed in August, when I decided to have it painted. Prior to the installation of the shelter, the car sat outside year-round during the 6+ years of my ownership.

I hoped to be able to drive the car the next day (Thursday) and I went out in the morning to make sure the lights, turn signals, brake light, etc. were still working. I also opened the trunk to check inside and found two inches+ of water sitting in the well. I released the trunk lid to reach inside and move items sitting in the water, and when doing so, it fell on my head. Prior to the Wyman’s work, the trunk did not leak and the lid stayed up when opened. While I am not sure what was done to cause the problem with the trunk lid balance springs, my guess is that a water leak developed because the convertible top drainage system was damaged or incorrectly installed. The water probably came from either rain or from washing the car during the post paint detail process. There was a puddle of water sitting in the spare tire wheel indicating that the water came in from above on the right side of the trunk.

I called Wyman’s, explained the situation, and told them I wanted the car picked up and fixed. I was told they would get back with me. Having not heard back the next morning (Friday), I called again and requested an in-person meeting with the owner to discuss my complaints and lack of a response. I was told they would get back with me. Later in the day, I found a voice message advising that they would be able to pick up the car and check the problems next Wednesday.

Neither of these known problems would have been difficult to find for a competent person paying even a moderate amount of attention to detail. And, Wyman’s lack of concern and response to these problems is completely unacceptable. After considering these and the fact that other additional damage more difficult to find might have also been done, I decided that I did not want them touching my car again. I will have the repairs made and damage check done by folks that I can trust.

My experience with Wyman’s was very unpleasant. I hope that in telling my story, others might not have to repeat my mistake of selecting them for paint/body work.

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