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Wunderland Cocker Spaniel Club, LLC.

Country United States
State Indiana
City Ramsey
Address 6869 Ramsey Dr, SW
Phone 812-981-7805

Wunderland Cocker Spaniel Club, LLC. Reviews

  • Mar 15, 2021

Alice sold me a puppy in March 2019. She told me his father was a champion dog called Twister.

That puppy was underweight and full of worms. He was loving dog but fearful of noses and going outdoors alone...I couldn't leave him there after meeting him but I knew the conditions were bad with Alice.

No vet check or reliable vaccination record was given.

I started vaccinations right away once I got him home.

Alice is not takig care of her dogs. I saw that with my boy. I hate that so many are left there with her.

Think twice before you get one from Alice.

  • Feb 21, 2021

I had put a deposit down on a puppy from her to pick up in Aug the time was approaching I was looking at her website and came across some rude posts she had posted about other breeders.

This triggered me to do further research on her name, of which I came across a few bad reviews. So then I asked her if I could get screen shots of the health clearances on parents and she told me no.

So then I asked what vaccines puppy would get at the vet visit and she would not answer me, told me puppy got the one she needed and I could see it at pick up.

She refused to send me video, claimed she would have to drive 8 miles to get it to send, and she doesn’t do that for people....then sent me video within minutes.

She told me if I felt uncomfortable I could meet her in Wendy’s parking lot that night to see the puppy....that would have been at 8 pm in the rain, I told her no way would I do that to a puppy.

I explained I wanted to see the puppy run and play and she told me I could play in the parking lot with puppy.

Eventually after an entire day of bantering back and forth with her I had a very bad feeling about her and told her I didn’t appreciate her responses to me and she could keep her puppy.

I am so glad I didn’t go with that puppy and support her. I felt $300 was a fair loss rather than getting a sick puppy and dealing with her ever again.

  • Nov 24, 2020

I was looking for a companion for our other dog and found the Wunderland Cocker Spaniel online. Alice Haycraft Gettelfinger's daughter, Britteny Haycraft was handling the deal. We made arrangements to get her and drove about 5 hours to Indiana. I paid a deposit of $100 and then paid another $200 more when I picked her up. We didn't get AKC papers and didn't want them. The dog was about one year old.

When my husband and I pulled up to the house on 6869 Maize Dr, Ramsey IN I heard barking. I had a bad feeling. We walked around to the back of the house and I wanted to cry. I was sick.

So many cockers in a crappy kennel. I told my husband I don't know about this. We knocked on the door and no one was home. I called Brittney, she said she was on her way. She had to get rid of the dog because she had to move back home and her dad didn't want the dog in the house. Brittney had broken up with her boyfriend.

The outside dogs were right behind the house next to a shed. They were all barking some vicisously. Probably scared and of course not socialized.

The kennels were NOT clean and there were old tarps just kinda hanging over the fence of the kennel. Not much shelter.

The dog I wanted was in an upstairs room and when Brittney let her out she came zooming down the stairs to the outside. VERY HYPER and wild and VERY THIN.

I again said to my husband, I think we made a big mistake. She has a snorting/snoring issue from having a short snout. We took her anyway and love her very much.

I hate that people can breed and raise dogs like this. I hate reading about neglected animals and wanted to share my story.

I saw another complaint here about Alice Gettelfinger where her daughter Brittney had met someone on a bridge in Kentucky and Alice called them a liar. I want to assure you that I met Brittney Haycraft at Alice Gettelfinger's house in Ramsey IN. Attached is a picture of the girl we met, Brittney Haycraft.

  • Nov 24, 2020

On October 29, 2020 we received 16 voicemail messages via Facebook messenger from Alice Haycraft Gettelfinger's eldest daughter Casey Haycraft Houser.

Casey was in a rage because we had exposed her mother's cocker spaniel 'hobby' on Facebook.

Casey had previously messaged us and pretended to own a dog from the Wunderland Cocker Commercial kennel. We we posted the message on Facebook and asked if anyone knew if this was true she sent us the 16 violent voicemail messages.

During 2 of the voicemail messages from Casey we could hear an elderly woman yelling out in the background. Casey's Facebook profile states that she is a CNA and works with elderly patients in thier homes.

We were alarmed both by the violent threats leveled againts us and by the elderly woman seemingly in Casey's care.

All of the voicemail messages have been downloaded and can be found on our website. Use caution when listening to them as they contain profanity and threats.

We contacted Casey's employer regarding the threats. We contacted Facebook regarding the threats.

We are posting our story here to warn people about the kind of illness displayed by the Haycraft Gettelfinger family towards us.

Here is a summary of some of the voicemail messages Casey left us:

"Here’s the whole conversation [email protected] if you want to run your mother f*@king mouth about something you don’t know nothing about w***e, take my mother’s mother f*@king $hit of your goddamn fake a$$ page [email protected] My mother will never be as low as you she doesn’t have to be as low as you w***e. Now I don’t care if you’re next door neighbor or if you’re in California [email protected] I will stomp your mother f*@king a$$. Talk to my mother again about her business and I’m going whoop your mother f*@king a$$ w***e"

More from Casey Haycraft Houser:

"I'm 34 [email protected], that's my mother..." "I will cut your f*@king throat [email protected] take that to f*@king court"

"I don’t care where the f*@k you are I will come to you I will find you and I will drag you out of your house by the hair of your f*@king head and I will feed you to your f*@king kids w***e how you like them apples [email protected]"

Here is a link to all of the voicemail messages this sick violent person sent to us:

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