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Country Hong Kong
City Tsui Kowloon
Address South Tower World Finance Centre Harbour City 17 Canton Road Tsim Sha

WULI22 Reviews

  • Nov 15, 2019

We ordered three items from a website that APPEARED legitimate. The only honest thing we got from them is a message thanking us for our payment.

The initial communication from their customer service said the shipment was being prepared. In a response to our inquiry two weeks later they said it would still be a while for shipment. Two MONTHS after the initial order I tried to cancel the PayPal payment. The seller objected saying the order had been shipped. It had not and wasn't mailed for another two days. PayPal' 'bots let them get away with it.

The goods arrived with the sizes marked on the packaging, not on the items which were two sizes smaller than ordered.

The seller ungracefully declined twice to give an RMA, finally suggesting we just use them as gifts since the didn't fit. NOT a solution to a problem that they caused.

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