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Workforce Appliance Repair

Country United States
State Louisiana
City West Palm Beach
Address 1616 N Florida Mango Rd
Phone 1 561-729-0799

Workforce Appliance Repair Reviews

  • May 16, 2019

I purchased a used refrigerator from Workforce Appliance on 10/8/13 for the price of $800 and the trade-in of my older, less pretty, but perfectly working white refrigerator. It came with a 30-day warranty. Within the first 30 days of owning it, I had called for service and to date (5 months later) the issues have never been resolved.

They have sent service technicians to my home on 5 different occasions and have taken the refrigerator back to their "shop" two times--the first time they had it in the shop for 4 weeks and the second time they had it for 5 weeks. Both times it was returned to me (after a ton of phone calls from me asking about the status, had they determined the problem, etc) still NOT working properly.

The original problem was that it was not cooling properly and once that was fixed, the icemaker didn't work anymore and has never worked since, and it is also obnoxiously loud now (like I have a giant coffeemaker brewing coffee in my kitchen 24/7).

When the refrigerator has not been in their "shop" (which is a large warehouse space), I have been calling to get service and am routinely told that someone "will get back to me", but that never happens.

At this point, I have no hope that they are knowledgeable enough to repair this fridge and have asked for them to refund my money or replace it with another used fridge, but they ignore those requests. And I'm sure they sold my perfectly working fridge for good money in the meantime.

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