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Country United States
State Arizona
City Gilbert
Address 660 N Neely St #4
Phone 1 602-525-4545

WoodworkAZ Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2021

Our story in a nutshell is the following: We gave Tim a deposit for 4 total barn doors and a fireplace wall back in April, with a delivery-install date of June 16th. Someone came and took measurements etc and I sent our designs to him in a timely manner. We had to cancel the fireplace wall portion of our order due to unforeseen expenses that came up during our home remodel. Tim was not necessarily happy about it, but understood. (It was later brought to my attention that he made a remark to an employee that he didn't owe anything on time because we canceled the wall *which I am so glad we DID!).

Over the next few months as we approached our ORIGINAL install date, he would give us excuse after excuse as to why he had to reschedule. This ranged from relapse in sobriety, rain, lumber shortage (funny because you can buy the stuff from Lowe's), wrong size of wood delivered, flat tire, other install scheduled, ran late, fell asleep, doors aren't ready yet, so on and so forth. He started sending pictures of the doors "in process" but everytime we would have another date scheduled, he rescheduled. I told him at this point, just to drop them off and we would install them ourselves (after speaking with previous clients and their "in-home" experiences with him as of current, I did not feel comfortable having him in our home).

We FINALLY received our doors Monday, August 30th! They were left outside of our garage and he didn't even have the decency to knock on our door to let us know they were there - nor send a text/call letting us know he dropped them off. So since April (doors paid in full), it took over 2.5 months to get our doors). They should be amazing at this point. These doors look like they were made overnight! The wood is splitting, bevels don't match, paint is scratched, paint is bubbling in some parts, handles missing, parts for the install not there, the black rails are half-way spray painted.. and did I mention the best part!?! We ARE MISSING AN ENTIRE DOOR from our paid-in-full order!

To say that my husband and I are BEYOND pissed at this point is an understatement. We have asked for a full refund for the missing door, technically we should receive all our money back for what has been received. We let him know the doors are not getting installed (they haven't moved from our garage into our home) because of the lack of quality and professionalism used. Wonder what that three-year warranty covers because I hope it's new doors! No response yet, except a "closed invoice" email stating that he guarantees that the bathroom door will get built and be ready for pick up/delivery. We aren't' holding our breath.

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