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WoodSpring Suites Sacramento

Country United States
State California
City Sacramento
Address 7789 La Mancha Way
Phone 916-688-1330

WoodSpring Suites Sacramento Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2017

This Company- Woodspring Extended Stay Studio Suites is the epitome of evil & no moral compass of any magnitude. On 9-11-2017, everyone including disabled, elderly, sickly, small children, infants, individuals & families were all & I mean everyone living here from 1 week to several years or longer were given a letter to get out with 14 days. It was not legally drafted or were the tenants informed prior to 9-11-2017. 9-11-2001 was a horrific day in America which afflicted nearly every person living in the USA. Now we have another epic hardship placed upon us for no legal reason whatsoever. Sacramento already has the worst homeless & increasingly highest rent increases in the past several years. What Woodspring Studio suites & extended stay hotel has done has increased this population of homelessness in our lovely city of Sacramento. There has to be something done to help us because we have been hurt unnecessarally & most of us have absolutely no way or means to come up with 1st, last & security deposit to move. Most of the people made this hotel their home because they had no where electoral turn to. Please stop this company from using greed & evil to justify their hideous actions for evicting all of these families & individuals that have depended on this place to live & call it their home.

  • Aug 3, 2017

WoodSpring Suites

7789 La Mancha Way, Sacramento, CA 95823

Phone: 916-688-1330

Fax: 916-688-5536

[email protected]

This hotel chain is a name change from what used to be ValuePlace Hotels.

The claim is that these are now being run by a new company and that they have been renovated and upgraded from the ValuePlace models I've stayed at in the past. Neither of those claims seem to be true.

Network access and router login/validation designs still show the ValuePlace name and logo.

The units are identical in nature to the prior ones, no renovations have been done since cabinets, toilets, showers, flooring, and the rest are dated, worn, including bedding and headboards, saying nothing is changed.

Stupid policies that were present in the old business model remain in the new management and that says all they did is steal money from people, fail to offer a product, not pay creditors, and then changed their name to do this anew. Nothing is changed other than the name and the places are older and less clean and seem to be more expensive.

I've seen this pattern of behavior before and this location shares a feature I discovered at a Studio 6 hotel, that being, a form of installed electronic harassment that uses audio detectors and some kind of transducer to shake or slam the walls and floors as they sample noise sources to do that. It is true and ongoing. Why abuse your customers is the problem? Other WoodSpring suites locations did this also and had worse hygiene problems.

The criminal patterns of behavior likely won't assist in their bankruptcy proceedings. Since this is why the name change was done.

It is abusive in that regard as well as for the other reason that makes that noise at times be transduced and (the building acts as a stereo radio speaker would) it shakes in unison with the sound source. It is done when I am in shower at times, wall shakes and the floor shakes as well and it is in direct proportion and response to the external audio source and likely as sampled IN THE ROOMs ! ! People constantly smashing things onto the floors, incredible.

It ends up looking as these people are a bunch of quacks. What next, dispense medications at the front desk as an antidote for your abuse and violence and food tampering?

You do not want and can not have this ongoing and they can not legally do it. Why do they? Good questions.

This also interferes with and denigrates other computer networks and installed systems as in fire and smoke alarms etc. It causes and presents interference with day to day living and can be seen as a fire hazard, the want to upset hot cooking items onto a person or onto hot stove top burners.

It also would interfere with the safe operation of hotel elevator and fire exit doors etc.

A bad idea in total and a privacy problem in essence and fact.

How will you insure these properties now since you offer this kind of intentional harms to the people, their property, and their finances?

It also is seen as a violent act. The malice and premeditation are enough. Intent. Proof and cognizance of guilt.

This is abuse.

Other guests seem to play into the problem overall and constantly slam doors, and with my unit the person was actually kicking on the countertop in their adjacent room smashing mine all over the place upsetting my cooktop etc. Lunacy.

Since that was also a violent act this was all I needed to exit and take my money back.

They claim to offer free wireless networking here, and that is not true either. It has to be paid each week.

It is not smoke free, people constantly are smoking around the property and the halls stink of marijuana smoke all the time. Waste of time. It comes into your room at night when you sleep or during the day, you don't want it.

They have a problem with earwigs, they can get in bed with you, I see them on the walls and on the floors, and you step on them now and then.

The kitchen and bathroom floor was filthy and not cleaned, leaving your feet black.

I was told by the manager they don't receive packages, that makes no sense.

I wanted to receive a fax, and despite them offering a fax number they indicate they don't receive faxes.

I wanted to pay them over 30 days and with that according to CA law I don't pay taxes, they decide that you need to pay it for no reason, and despite their web site accepting the booking for 30+ days they want you to pay the tax for no reason. This is theft and not up to them to decide overall.

When someone wants to pay you all this money why refuse it? Offer to pay them 35 days in advance, which other locations GLADLY do, they don't want it. Nonsense.

This (same as ValuePlace) company likely won't survive long this way and this is part of why.


The other problem with these mentalities and acts, are the hotel's use of shills. Faux or fake guests who are not guests who partake in the problem often by duplicating aggressive and violent behaviors as a form of cover for the other problems. This usually gets into odd vanity plays and dramas and when they too often get colocated next to honest paying guests like myself, then this looks worse and worse.

That also implicates the hotel staff and likely the corporate body they offer to make this mess.

It starts to look punitive and a want to compel various things unto customers that these people and their friends have no knowledge of AND those of us who they can have NO knowledge of.

You can not victimize me in a crime and then share that or any information about me with others.

You have NO legal basis or desire to do that. They decided to join and pay for someone else's prior crime(s).

And it ends as a form of invasion of privacy and in my case forms of collusion with their prior crimes and that of others done to myself and others. A criminal need not worry about keeing track of the persons they have victimized since they have no legal right to do so.

YOU have no obligation to accommodate ANY of that. Nor do I.

And for any and all of you since you end up suffering the harm with me, then you also pay for it.

Please have your respective chambers of commerce install a simple web site that says:


This is the message.

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