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Country United States
State Georgia
City Wrightsvill
Address 436 Kyzer Rd.

WoodsnWater Reviews

  • May 4, 2017

This place did nothing to help us hunt beyound haveing a "guide as they called them" Take us out to a place that was not even checked on for any sign of pigs being there!! First night hunted till o2:30 am. Not even a hit of a pig, not even and OLD track let a lone anything fresh!! So ok asked the guide if he was going to go check other spots to hunt? Said he was,what a friggen LIE, he left in his on car,not one of the outfitters, so we knew he was not going down the dirt roads to check. Next we were taken to another spot which was gated and locked!! Guide DID NOT KNOW THE COMBO TO THE LOCKED GATE!! So that tells me he sure as hell didnot check there!!!

Set us in a stand and again says call me if you get a pig[ BUT NOT AFTER 12:30 } Although you can hunt all night[ WTF] The rate is $300.00 ea pernight with 2 days min booking. NO meals at all included,cook for yor self which we knew a head so fine. We did get one hugh hog [ HA HA HA ] It weighed MAYBE 60LBS. So it cost us $1200.00 for two nights hunting and the outfitter could have cared less. Yep the got our money, and the CRAPPEST review We will give any place. There were two other hunters there we talked to and believe me they agreed with us on this RIP OFF OUTFITTERS OF WOODSNWATER, NEVER AGAIN GO THERE. So I hope this will save anybody time and money on this joint!!!

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