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Wireless Advocates

Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 2101 4th Ave #1250
Phone 206-428-2400

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  • Nov 13, 2018

When I relocated to Long Island, my $1,100 Iphone X had such horrible reception thru ATT that I couldnt even use my cellphone in my house or anywhere in the vicinity of my neighborhood. I'm a big fan of Apple and have been a loyal iPhone customer since they first iPhone was released over 10 years ago. However iPhones are getting extremely pricey so having adequate insurance that offers coverage against theft and loss protection is extremely vital now more than ever. I have always had insurance thru ATT where you pay a small monthly fee for the insurance and then if necessary, you simply file a claim and pay a deductible (which varies depending on the cost of the phone and how often or not you have to file a claim).

Anyways, due to the reception issue, I was forced to switch companies and return the iPhone to AT&T. Since my parents would get perfect reception in my house with their T-Mobile iPhones, I decided to switch to T-Mobile. My parents told me that they bought their phones thru Costco and they had received a very good deal on their phones.

I went to Costco and they have a cellphone Kiosk setup towards the front of the store. The Kiosk is a seperate company than Costco called "Wireless Advocates" and they are a third party reseller of the major cellphone providers including T-Mobile. On 9/12/18, Wireless Advocates had a promotion for new T-Mobile customers where they would mail you a $100 Costco giftcard if you purchase an Iphone X and sign up for T-Mobile's month to month unlimited plan. The Iphone X (64 GB) was $949.99 plus tax and the plan for the monthly unlimited plan was $75 a month. I asked the rep how much T-Mobile charges for their theft and loss insurance and Grreg Ronnie (sales rep) told me that unfortunately T-Mobile doesn't offer insurance on their Iphone X's. However I did have the option to buy a 2 year extended warranty which is better than the manufacter warranty.

Since I didnt have a phone that I desprately needed and didnt want an uninsured Iphone X, I regretably purchased the Square Trade insurance for $119. Between the phone, insurance and tax, I spent a total of $1,162.27 that day plus I signed up for auto-pay with T-Mobile for their monthly service for $75. I should have did more research on the insurance, but I was just happy that I finally had a working cell phone that had reliable reception.

Towards the end of October 2018, I followed up with the rep because I still had not received the $100 gift card, He was nice on the phone but I could tell by the sound in his voice that he forgot about the gift card. He promised to escalate this to his supervisor and have it rushed out to me and I would receive it in 5-7 business days.

On 11/12/18, my phone was lost and/or stolen. I used the "Where's My iPhone" app and the phone was offline and was just showing it's last known location which was 12 hrs earlier in the day. I locked the phone and called Square Trade who told me that lost and stolen phones are not covered under the insurance. Not only that, but once you file a claim, you no longer have insurance on the phone. I then called T-Mobile who told me that that not only did the Wireless Advocates' rep lie by telling me that T-Mobile doesnt sell insurance on the iPhone X (they do), but the rep specifically said that I chose to decline the T-Mobile insurance upon purchase. I have a friend that works at Staples and found out that the reps get a commission on selling the Square Trade insurance. I called the rep yeterday and was told that he wasnt working but I would receive a call back today which never happened.

I went directly to T-Mobile today and had to buy another iPhone Xr which is a little cheaper and made sure to get the insurance that covers loss and theft. I also spoke to my parents today and they were told the same lie and they both purchased the Square Trade insurance for their cellphones from the same exact Costco location 3 months prior to my Costco purchase.

Wireless Advocates is obviously lying to everyone ( at least in the Holbrook store in NY). I am going to the Costco store tomorrow and I am filing complaints with Costco, T-Mobile, Wireless Advocates. If I don't get compensated for the $100 gift card that I still havent received, $120 for garbage insurance and reimbursed for the difference between the cost of the new phone that I bought today vs the cost of the deductible that I should have only had to pay, then I am filing complaints with the Federal Trade Commision, The Attorney General's Office, The Better Business Bureau, and every social media and blog site on the media. MY Parents need to get compensated too.

Learn from my mistake. Do not buy a cellphone from Wireless Advocates. They are liars who will scam you and they are unfortunately a horrible reflection on Costco, T-Mobile and Apple! I am also in sales and not doing right by the customer, lying about an incentive to make a sale and fraudently declining the insurance on the customer's behalf that they specifically asked to purchase so that the rep can steal a bigger commission is unethical, unprofessional and is absolutely warrants the rep's termination.

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  • Sep 19, 2022

This company is a scam. Avoid them. They will lie and say if you purchase a phone with them you get a $300 refund.

  • Nov 4, 2016

At first, I thought there is a deal running on Costco and I would like to get a phone for my wife. So, we went to Costco in Newport News VA to purchase our phone at the Kiosk. The Representatives mentioned that the International Calling is FREE and we thought this is a Great option because we do call abroad a lot.

After a month, the bill came and it's a totally surprise for us because the Bill is so high and we incur a lot International Charges while we are calling abroad. We try to call the T-Mobile to explain the situation but they mentioned that the International Charges are not FREE and the representatives at Costco is not telling the truth.

After that, we called to Costco Newport News Wireless Advocates but the number (757-746-2038) cannot be reached. Then, we called to the District Manager and the Phone number (804-503-1065) cannot be reached as well!!! Why it's so hard to give them a call when we need them to help? But, it's easy when they wanted our sales... Besides, we are also asking to exchange our Phone (Samsung S7) & Carrier Service (T-Mobile) at the Costco Kiosk but they only allow 14 Days to exchange it and couldn't help us with anything after we brought in the phone for exchange in 30 Days.

This are all Bad Experience with Costco Wireless Advocates and hopefully no one ever get trick by them. They should try to train their staff well and work it professionally with the customers. As a Conclusion, don't buy from them... Just go somewhere else.

  • Aug 22, 2016

I am writing this because I feel that this employee should be removed from Wireless Advocates employment. First of all I am a highly education person who has worked in the education system for 43 years. Being an educator we instilled moral values constantly upon are students. I will tell you the story of how I became a victim of Consumer Fraud by a Wireless Advocate employee.

I purchased a cell phone at the Wireless Advocate kiosk at Costco in Mount Prospect in December 2015 because the manager promised me ( either a 225 or 250 rebate card ) I asked several times for the rebate paperwork and was told several time you don't get a copy, I end all the rebate paperwork over at the end of the night. I felt uneasy about this but decided I would take his word.

It is now August 2016 and I have not received a rebate card. I have went to the kiosk 8 time with no results and given a BIG RUN AROUND from the manager and a shady eye look. The first time in May 2016 I went in and he laughed and said, “Yeah, you want the rebate just like the other 100 people who didn't get it. Of course he stared me again with slanted eyes and told me to write my email on a post-it note and he would take care of it tomorrow. Well, I am sure he threw the paper away. I have contacted Stuart Lee and they have no record and I am sure it is because the manger is playing games. At this point I don't plan on receiving the rebate card but I feel I should be filing legal Consumer Fraud charges because I as a consumer was promised a rebate card and I would not of purchased the phone without this incentive and I have received NOTHING. I have purchases other phones at a different Wireless Advocates and have received the rebates and have always received the paperwork.

I feel the manager knew exactly what he was doing when he refused to give me a copy of the rebate paperwork. I am sure I was not the only person who did not receive their rebate from this manager. I would to see this manager removed from employment so he cannot continue to do this to other consumers. I was a little shocked that a person of this personality type would be associated with Verizon Wireless ( Wireless Advocates ) because they are so willing to help and do an outstanding job with customer service.

Please advise because this consumer is completely distraught feeling like a victum of Consumer Fraud.

  • Jul 9, 2016

Went in to costco to get some phones. When we purchased the phones they gave us rebate forms to send in to get gift cards back as a rebate for our purchase. we sent them in and 3 months late I got my rebate, and my brother got his, but my wife didn't get hers. when we looked at the Stewart Lee rebate center website it said that my wifes rebate was declined. Stewart lee would not provide any further information on it and said we had to contact Wireless Advocates for the reason of denial.

The denial didn't make sense to me since all three of us had purchased the same phones at the same time from the same place and sent in the same forms. Two of us got rebates and the third didn't. Over the last three weeks I have sent Wireless Advocates 5 e-mails and left 3 voicemails for them to contact me with information regarding the denial of my wifes rebate and I have not heard back from them. After contacting them 8 times, there has been nothing but silence from Wireless Advocates.

Obviously they made an error in denying my wife for her rebate and will not speak with me to make it right in any way shape or form. Avoid any business with this company at all costs. if a mistake is made it WILL NOT BE MADE RIGHT!!!

  • Jun 16, 2016

I have been a member of Costco for 10 years. Since I saw the Verizon Wireless Kioak I decided to upgrade my phone. After I upgraded my phone I was offered a promotion for a free Tablet, I really didn't want it but since the sales man Gregg was so insistent I took the device and trusted that it was free the only payment was a $10.00 activation fee. I have not used it since I have my phone, PC and Surface I found no really use for it. When I called Verizon that is when I found out it was not FREE that I in fact have a 2 year contract and to get out of the contract I have to pay $200.00 I have this device for 10 months and have paid $42.00 a month on it. This is truly a rip off and not fair. I spoke to Costco they cannot help me! Verizon just wants their payment! DO NOT use Wireless Advocates! Or any of those Kiosks in malss or in Costco they are 3rd party companies that really do not represent any one except themselves!!

  • Jun 15, 2016

I purchase an Iphone 6 inside of Costco with Wireless Advocates.

They told me that I am entitled for a rebate and gave me a rebate form. I filled it out and sent it to the stuart lee rebates.

It said it will take 12-14 weeks to get my rebate. Well its been 5 months. So I followed up with Stuart Lee rebates and here is the response the sent me:

thank you for you inqury. According to our records, your rebate shows being denied by Wireless Advocates. Unfortunately, Stuart Lee can only process rebates based on the inforamtion we receive from Wireless Advocates, please contact the Wireless Advocates Customer service team for further assistance with your request and inqury.

Why would they denie my rebate when they are the ones who said I qualify for a rebate and gave me the form???

Please someone help

  • Mar 14, 2016

These people at Wireless Advocates will say whatever they need to say at the time. I tried to buy a phone. I called and was told my phone was in. I worked with Mario, and he would not give my phone, (Which he had me pay for, and I had to get a refund), nor would he cancel my order. This process took nearly an hour and a half.

I then spoke with his boss Vicky, who insisted I show up, as opposed to being able to handle this over the phone, and I did show up and worked with Branden. After an hour of him refusing to address this situation, provide me a phone, or cancel my order, I left.

I went directly to Verizon to resolve all issues.

Their stories were very inconsistent as to what the issue was. They seemed to blame each other, company policies, which seemed different and made up as they went along, and the computer.

As a whole, I found them to be dishonest, misleading, incompetent and rude. This is not a company that deserves my business.

  • Dec 16, 2015

I bought a phone and traded in old phone for a new one also making 2 phones total from Costco, which should have gotten me two rebates from Wireless Advocates for 150.00 and 70.00 in June of this year 2015, and still have not received a dime or penny from them. Very disappointed with Costco kiosk in allowing such a thing to happen and for this company as I see that many others are mislead just as I was. I hope that some lawyers has grabbed this case and can help us individuals that have been lied to, mislead and avoided as I only get a message center for customer service and probably will not receive a call back or ever get a penny. DO NOT buy a thing from this kiosk in the Costco. I am going to talk to them also when I get back to Costco. Christine, Efland, NC

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