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Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing

Country Canada
City Kelowna, Brittish Columbia
Address 720 McClure Rd.
Phone 1 250-575-1527

Wildfire SEO and Internet Marketing Reviews

  • May 9, 2019

Claimed they were awesome at SEO work. Had nothing but problerms with them. Everyday it was sonmething. Very unpredictable. Asked for access to my Google My Business Accounts (GMB's), google anayltics etc so they could go in and manage and send out new content.

Well today, 05/10/2019 approximately an hour after giving him user access he was able to manage to get my google business accounts frozen as well as all my reviews erased which were a total of 14 (5) star reveiws at one location and 7 (5) star reviews at the other location for the same business. I have two GMB's for the same business.

So far he has not accomplished anyhting, but wasted my time and so far cost me $900.00. I kept on trying to be positive and give them the benfitr of the doubt, but this is it. Not sure where to go from here I assume I will seek legal counsel for compensation for damages to my business repuation as well as all the d**n time I have wasted and these reviews and accounts don't just grow on trees. These people really f*cked me.

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