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Wilder Grummon

Country United States
State California
City Carmel
Phone 770 375 6786

Wilder Grummon Reviews

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  • Apr 14, 2020

Wilder Grummon comes across as some kind of hippie horse spiritualist. However the truth is that she uses her looks and wealth to lure married men. She has affairs with her married employees and offers them respite from their wives by giving them cash, a free place to stay and promising them a "new beginning". I have documented, written proof of these occurrences.

All family women should be warned about a predator like this - the last man she counseled to come be her boy toy left his family of 3 children under 10 and a pregnant wife. Of course she has no interest in a longterm relationship, just bored and privileged with no care for how her philandering affects children and the families she ruins.

Of course, it always takes two, the men are also to blame - but purposely recruiting married fathers she's done business with is unethical and not someone I'd trust on any professional level.

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