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Widewaters Group, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City East Syracuse
Address 5845 Widewaters Parkway Suite 100
Phone (315) 445-2424

Widewaters Group, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 14, 2021

Employment scam - they are firing anyone and everyone right now to save a quick buck, any excuse to fire you will do. Management is full of just that - managers. No leaders to be found, especially in tough times. Company is shady as sin and flies under the radar, just the way they like it. Owner is too oblivious to care and won't do anything about the rogue cell that management is. The owner is also a Trump supporter and donated to his campaign - pathetic! (this is public information).

The whole company is a mess and is going down the drain since commerical real estate has been obliterated by the pandemic, so avoid them completely. Do NOT do business with them and defintiely don't think about working for them. They heartlessly let most of their employees go due to Covid-19 and other excuses, yet management sat in the 75th floor of their money towers and kept their cushy, easy jobs.

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