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Wicked Consumables

Country Australia
State Victoria
City Melbourne
Phone 61 3 9799 9829

Wicked Consumables Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2018

I dialed for Australian customers using Kym Mellor dialler as she was adamant so she can track the number of calls I made per day. I worked for the week and as promised by her contract I will be getting paid a 120$ per week every Friday.. wen I confronted her about my payment she used profanity and refused to make my payment . She has done this to make other agents. And everyone is ready to report about her. If you ask for the payment she calls you a fraud and scammer and threats to report you. I'm writing this now so no one like myself falls prey to this lady. Be aware .. your investment on internet and the time spent on work is not trustworthy with this lady. So dear outbounders or other freelancers if you are approached by a lady known as kym Mellor from wickeed consumables please don't fall prey.. she even cheated her product knowledge trainer.. and kept blackmailing her saying that she hired me and the others she trained.. be aware of Wickeed consumables kym mellor

  • Nov 23, 2018

False Lair

I had guy through my skype account, which was refer to my by samanth Kelman, Or samantha David , Or samantha Garette, as A freind, to hire him telemarketer, to do call, which i have many skpye text said he cant dial because bad storm , said he did traning with said but found this didnt happen,

this is text from this guy from skype,

i asked him to sign contract, but his excuse was he didnt have printer or scanner to it send to me,

he send this message ( Pay MA money you b****)

told me he train on sunday, which wasnt true,

Be very careful, i thing he con artist , and Samantha also

if you are approched by Lalith Phutane , or samantha kelman, samantha David, Samantha Garette, about telemaketer, website sales be very aware

  • Feb 15, 2019

scammer alert

hey same thing here kym mellor also didn't pay me for a week work just last week and she also accused me hacking her fb account...i have all the call recordings of my work, my excel report and even contract as a proof that i work for her. also her message in skype that she will sent a payment but just ignore my message and cant contact her anymore...i cant believe that she actually can do this horible thing...please report her and make her pay for what she did...

  • Aug 18, 2017

Well This Woman Accused me of hacking her skype account and had my account suspended. Well let me tell you my whole story. First she chatted with me in outbounders and then we chatted on skype. Here is what happened so she said she will give me a shot and then she gave me her skype account so I can call Australia on the first day it was ok and on the second day she went like where you in my account I said no and then at first she said I could not trust you but then she called me back and then I was told that I can do the calls. Now in the middle of my shift there was a pop up on skype and then she asked me to call her so I did and she just fired me. I did not hack her account I can call worlkdwide using my own skype and now she just owes me $18 +$12 but it is not about the money it is about the principle So I am just saying to you guys about nthis Kym Mellor be warned

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