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Wholesale eGift Cards

Country United States
State Oregon
City Medford
Phone 702.472.9980

Wholesale eGift Cards Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2018

I purchased electronic gift cards on a website ( and they sent me gift cards that weren't any good. They made me wait 2 weeks to recieve the gift cards via email and then they weren't any good when I tried to redeem them. After I emailed the company to asked for replacement gift cards, they sent me some different ones, but they weren't usable either.

I purchased 4 x $25 Dollar Tree cards and 4 x $20 CVS cards, which amounts to $180.00. The total value of the cards I purchased ($180.00) plus the replacement cards they "so generously gave to me to make up for the hassle and inconvenience I experienced" ($280.00) is $460.00. There were a total of 8 Dollar Tree gift cards worth $25 each, and 13 CVS gift cards worth $20 each. $200 + $260 = $460.

Originally they responded to my emails but have since stopped. I have contacted them on their Facebook page as well, and did not receive a response there either, of course.

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