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Country United States
State Washington
City Vancouver
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  • Aug 29, 2015

Maria Whitworth presents herself to be an advisor in alternative health and overall well being. She said she had healed herself from a life-threatening illness. I secured Ms. Whitworth's services on a monthly basis for what she calls the "program." She advised me to take hundreds of dollars of supplements, enemas, and the Dr. Grey colon cleansing system. She failed to provide me the guide to the Dr Grey system, or that such a guide existed. Once I obtained the guide, I saw that she had been making up the dosages. When I started using the Dr Grey system according to its instructions, I was very dismayed that Ms. Whitworth had failed to provide me accurate information.

It is unclear that Ms. Whitworth has any background, other than her claim to self-healing, in the field of nutrition. While following her instructions, I gained unwanted weight. I ended up with hundreds of dollars of supplements that I eventually threw away.

After several months on the program, I decided I no longer needed Ms. Whitworth's services and I told her so. Ms. Whitworth became abusive, writing me profane and offensive emails. Her reaction to my ending this relationship was wholy unprofessional and abusive.

Oddly, Ms. Whitworth requires payment to an animal protection organization she created.

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