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Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Jan 25, 2018

Have you seen their website? it's a joke

they have a forum. one person answers every question they have a support area. the exact same person answers every questions. I have asked "aprilcaicai" to speak to a manager several times. she refuses. moreover she has absolutely no clue about tech. she keeps telling me to do the same thing over and over again. it makes no sense as i am running a virtual machine "Aprilcaicai Posted 2018-01-24 10:06:29 Sorry for the late reply. Could you install this program to other disks instead of C disk? Please have a try friend. If it cannot work as promised, and we cannot help you, then we will refund it to you. Don't worry" she says the same thing week after week. It has been months! "Aprilcaicai Posted 2017-12-02 10:07:11 So sorry for the inconvenience. I already arranged the programmer to check it. Please wait the news." there was never any reply and that was on December 2nd! I requested a refund the very day I purchased the product, as I knew it would not work. me Posted 2017-11-08 22:40:35 I have a Mac and a Linux virtual machine running Ubuntu. How can I use your product me Posted 2017-11-09 00:20:38 Can I have a refund? this isn't working. Here is their refund policy, which you can not find easily through their website: Confirmed bugs/defects in the provided Software Product that prevents it from fulfilling its designed purpose. This provision only applies if the confirmed bug/defect cannot be corrected and an updated version of the Software Product cannot be provided to the User. WhiteHatBox.COM may choose to request further technical information from the User to confirm a bug/defect, including but not limited to error logs, hardware descriptions and similar. Failure to provide this information on the User's part may lead to a refund request being declined. In connection with cases of fraud, abuse, and other such cases. I provided them with a screenshot of the installation error on November 8, 2017. She spent over a month asking me to try different things

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  • Jul 9, 2018

Their software isn’t user friendly. They don’t have a manual for anything. The website doesn’t state any refund policy so the customer is just at the whims of the tech support. The person who talked to me was condescending. I explained my difficulty in understanding the software and they literally said "just because it’s a little complicated to understand we can’t issue a refund. It is unfair to us.” Well it is unfair to me that I wasn’t provided with instructions or a refund policy note prior to purchase. Also, the software failed to work beyond installation. Their idea is that every time I try to work the d**n thing I should contact customer support. They don’t even have a phone number to call too. Don’t buy their crap.

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  • May 20, 2018

I purchased a software from the company and used it for 3 days out of my 365 day subscription.Within that 3 days the software did not work.I then visit the company website to see what was their refund policy which would normally be at the footer of every page of their website I did not see any just a link to a form for a refund.Requested a refund.During that time I did not feel right about the message do not contact Paypal for quicker refund time. FELT LIKE A SCAM so I quickly place a dispute for refund with Paypal.At this time I would like to receive a full refund I have cancelled my subscription. The product do not work as described for my needs and I do not wish to continue with the service.

As a SEO professional I know there is know way to give 100% guarantee that it will work for every niche and website there are too many variables to count for. There is no way possible you can compare one ranking with another. If the software worked for me I would have notice a difference in the ranking nothing hard about it the software is not hard to figure out. There was no difference in the ranking. If it was I will be using this for all my SEO clients and will never been asking for a refund.

Do you understand my profit margin for a software like this that worked I would make more money. This is why I am happy I did this with Paypal and not counting on your website. You mention smooth transaction if I do not contact Paypal for refund and only use your site I now know this is not true.You can check our refund policy in the lower right corner of the purchase page. This should be at the footer of every page of your site not hidden. I checked throughout your website looking for it before requesting a refund did not find it then.

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  • Apr 23, 2018

Most software that automates Facebook actions has you login through a Facebook App, meaning you can disable access to that App through Facebook. WhiteHatBox's FollowingLike takes your credentials directly and uses them, not going through Facebook's App interface. I confirmed this with their support team. This means that once they have your credentials, you can never disable access from that App until you change your credentials.

This is a non-standard and uncontrolled use of Facebook credentials that consumers should be warned against using, especially in this day and age. When I notified WhiteHatBox of this and asked for a refund, they would not give me one, offering only 50% back and other free software, which I certainly do not want given their philosophy on using user credentials.

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  • Nov 15, 2019

I bought their software AtomicemailscraperPro on Nov 2nd and it does not work.

When I try to log in it says email and the serial code they sent me is not valid. I have the receipt of $67.05.

the receipt is below: I took out the serial number


Thanks for your payment of AtomEmailPro Scraper Version

Your serial number for AtomEmailPro Scraper Version

is *************************************************

Sometimes, there is small delay to enable the serial code,

if the serial code is not working for you now, please wait

few moment. If it still can't work for you after 1 hour from you buy,

please contact us at, we will help you

to check the serial code manually.

Please download the software at

Download Page

Here is the video to show you how to install our software >>

If you are Mac user, please following pdf to

know how to run our software on Mac >>

If you get any problem, please contact our support at to get help,

you can also visit our community to get help at

If you want to refund, please read the refund policy and initiate a refund request in this link >>

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We are giving you a 25% discount coupon as bonus because of your this buy, you can

use this coupon to buy our any software to get 25% discount in the next 30 days.

And you can also give this coupon to your friend to use if you don't need it.

The coupon is 719b0872d3864211b5dd1d5aa33f37f8

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WhiteHatBox Team

  • Oct 16, 2019


I tried to use WHITEHATEBOX for followliker. Software was useless. I tried over and over and nothing worked. Contacted Paypal for a refund and they sided with whitehat, because according to their recordeds, whitehat had provided me with a link to their software, even though the link was faulty and I had the pictures to prove it. I then appealed to Paypal about this matter, showing pictures of the error's showing up on my account. Unable to access anything through their website. Once again, paypal sided with them and closed out the case in their favor. I'm really upset, but extremely grateful I didn't put anymore money down than minimal. I'm still going to purse a refund through Mastercard. Hopefully they will be more reasonable. BUT FAIR WARNING, PAYPAL WILL NOT DEFEND YOU AGAINST THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE CROOKS, NO REFUND WAS GRANTED

  • Jun 4, 2019


Bought 2 programs, none of them work, tried to get a refund (as they claim they will refund you if you are not happy within 30 days) they refuse to refund, and on top of that tried to sell me another program!!!

Fighting right now with PayPal to get my refunds back... PLEASE DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CHINESE SCAMMERS!!!

  • Jun 2, 2019

Shutting down these scammers

Weve been doing an investigation into this company. All evidence is being forward to PayPal and U.S. State Dept. This Chinese company is using a U.S. company to defraud U.S. citizens. Shows over guys.

  • May 5, 2019

I ordered, paid for using Paypal and downloaded a software program that is distrubuted by this company. The instructions were out-of-date since Microsoft has new updates. I received a Youtube video link on how to troubleshoot the op[erating issue which suggested bypassing my firewall and virus security. After looking at the numerous technical steps necessary which would amount to an hour of fiddling around with downloading MS programs, it was then that I decided to request a refund that same day - ticket s-83873.

After numerous email exchanges (over 5) which turned into circlular discussions, I thought maybe there was a communication issue so I Google translated several more clear requests for a refund and stated I was not interested in trying other products in exchange. I received a reply that they would not refund my money and there are other products to select from.

I looked into their forum group and it is full of requests for refunds from frustrated clients. All having the same "no refund yet" complaint. I suspect this intity is aware of its offshore location and unwilling to refund. Caveat Emptor - April Caicai is a fraudulent operator. I have filed with Paypal and uncertain whether or not they have my back.

  • May 3, 2019

Chinese scammers and crooks is another Chinese scammer with some useless, non-working softwares producing zero results. After testing their softwares this is my review:

- Virus and malware. Your computer will be damaged if you use their softwares.

- Usability: Below zero. No manuals and no explainer videos.

- Customer support: Rude

- Refund policy: Absolutely not.

Stay far aways from this company and their products.

  • Apr 19, 2019


There are some bad feedback here for whitehatbox and stuff, but I guess they are owners of other services. I am an internet marketer, I used their TweetAttacksPro, it helped me to do a huge amount of task of my Twitter accounts from several months ago. It is a good software.

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