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White Label WiFi

Country United States
State Michigan

White Label WiFi Reviews

  • Aug 24, 2016

This company over promises and severly under delivers. The support is only available untiil 2pm PT and they do not answer the phone, it goes to VM and they do not call you back. They do have a chat online but they never fix any of the issues and just tell you to "reset the router" every time for any issue. Unfortunelty that does not fix anything.

I spoke with Richard and R.A. a few times on the chat and a few of the times they chatted with me but could not fix the issues and said they would look into and get right back to me. However, they did not and it was never fixed. I have received many emails from the finance departement stating they will not give me a refund and that support has been trying to help me. They do not honor andy refund or trial period. Suport has not been there to help. They did not know how to fix any of the multipel issues I had and then they stopped responding to me.

In the Facebook group they have with other re sellers there are multiple posts abotu issues and problems. They delte them as soon as they can anytime someone posts a question needing help wtih an issue. Kevin Z (the owner) messaged me directly on facbook and said "stop wasting peoples time" when I asked for help.

This is a rip off and a scam. The credit card processing they have is coded under Mens and womens clothing. That right there is a huge red flag. Stay awasy from this company. They are marketing gurus that get people to believe in the product and pay for it only to not get what they were sold. It has been a nightmare trying to get support to actually fix any issues and to get a refund for these products that do not work.

  • May 26, 2016

I was introduced to this company by a referring software entity which is extremely respectable.

I attended the webinar that i was invited to and I must telll you that it is one of the slickest organisations vis a vis its marketing. I shelled out the year fee without hesitating and then proceeded to market the product to everyone that i knew and drummed up 20 sales in one week.

And went and purchased 20 units. Well i did not buy them all at one time I purchased one then 10, then 10 more. All within one two weeks

The company claimed only to work with TP Link devices so the first unit I got was a 841ND v11 which MYF claimed did not work because it was too new a version.

I bought the explicit versions that they recommended on the site MR3040 v2, MR3050's and none of them has worked, in fact after effecting the firware upgrade those that successfully upgraded "BRICKED!!" in short they are no longer operational.

So In the process I am communicating with their tchnical support team and between telling me to Face the east at 1 minute past 12 on Friday the 13th, it have done a course in MAC and PC IP configurations and port determinations.

Everything that all of the other posters here have said, before my post, is true, they employ a sophisticated send the fool further and further strategy sending you betwenn really nice guys Daniel, dufus like Thomas who seems still to be taking English as a foreign language, ( I mean no insult to non native english speakers, but after communicating with him, it felt as if you were dialoguing with cro magnon man)

And finally there is Kevin, the motor mouth who talks like 150 miles per hours and who does not bear dissent easily. In fact were it not for the time and space alloted here I would expand on his racist accomodation for a woman who had asked the very same query that i asked and while she was afforded support and resoution I, poor moor, was bawled out.

You can see what transpired when she asks to keep the backend of the platform from the client secret and what his response was to me when I asked that a single sheet that ships in the MYF boxes with the address of the company be removed to similarly ensure confidentiality.

20 Units all not working, and the comments of other members, ALL OF WHICH WERE REMOVED FROM THE SITE, and that may tend to suggest a shyster.

CAVEAT EMPTOR because behind all the smoke and mirrors all of these travails that I experienced and am still experiencing at the hands of MYWIFI, one would be best advised to pause in your enthusiasm and purchase of this product cause it simply has not worked for me

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