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White Forest Maine coon

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Mays Landing
Address 6169 Laurel St
Phone (640) 200-3565

White Forest Maine coon Reviews

  • Jul 6, 2022

I contacted this business via their website. I wanted to buy a kitten from them and they kept asking the same question on where I live and how to get ahold of me. I found this odd since I already gave them my contact info.

I also found it odd that they only wanted $100 to ship this kitten across the country. This seems to be their M.O to keep asking for money. This website is a scam. you will not get your kitten and you will be out alot of money.

  • Jun 21, 2022

On 21 June 2022, I found this breeder sales site that sales Maine Coon kittens, these are cats that get very large, like 20ish pounds. I worked out with the salesman, Armoni Macon, for 2 Maine Coon kittens for $1000.00 that included shipping. I did the wrong thing but I had a little trust and went all in.

I sent him $1000.00 via Zelle. Today 22 June 2022 I was notified by the sellar that he was going to drop off the 2 kittens to a shipping company, Guarentee Express Logistics, after a short time I was contacted by the shipper that they only ship animals in special electronic crates that manages air temp and provides more space during the trip.

The shipper emailed me a choice of 3 different sizes of crates, I chose the smallest as it was just 2 small kittems 10 weeks old. I was then told that I needed to send, via Zelle, $2000.00 as a deposit, and once my kittens are delivered I would get refunded all of the deposit minus $50.00 for its use. When I requested to talk to them via phone and only phone a gentleman called me.

He said this crate is the only way that they can ship them, now this was never mentioned by anyone until now. I asked why would I have to pay a deposite to a shipping company to use their crate that is in the warehouse somewhere, I assumed?

I told him thats not making sense and certainly isnt good business, I them asked to speak to his supervisor, he then got angry and said that I am one of "those customers" that try to tell the shipper what to do, I again asked for his supervisor, and he just got more angry and said that my kittens will be abandoned if I dont pay the $2000.00.

I then told him that the company to pay the deposit and when my kittens arrive I will pay double the fee ($100) but he only got even more angry. I finally demanded to speak to some else but he only tried to insult me. After 30 years in the Marine Corps it takes alot to insult me, and he didnt do anything but embarrass himself.

So now I have been unable to get any answers from the breeder or the shipper, as they have not answered any phone calls or emails. They even sent me a short video of some guys doing something around a van with wooden crates in it, the shipper told me that was the guys "working fast to make the flight" and another video of some cat carrier crates on a forklift.

Both were super funny and only added to their obvious BS. There were so many red flags that I missed because I really wanted these kittens and I was blinded by desire. So I guess Im out $1000.00. I shall pray for the theives, I have moved on and will only deal with a breeder that I can actually physically visit. The breeder here ruins other real and honest breeders reputation by stealing money.

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