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White Aluminum

Country United States
State Florida
City Leesburg
Address 2101 US-441
Phone 1 352-787-6783

White Aluminum Reviews

  • Oct 25, 2020

On August 7, 2020, I signed an estimate to install windows on my patio and a screen onto my garage door, with Mike Gilley of White Aluminum. At that time, I was told by Mike that they were behind, and would get to my job, next year sometime. At no time did he tell me that I would have to pay a deposit on the job or that a charge would be placed on my credit card for the full amount of the job. Mike told me that Synchrony Bank would pay the $2500.00, and I would pay them back later. I had no idea that White Aluminum would charge me card, for the $2500.00, days later. I believe the hold on my card was done to block me from hiring someone else, to do the job.

I found out on August 19th, through my email alert, that White Aluminum had placed a hold on my credit card for $8448.01, and I was furious. I contacted Mike and he claimed to not know about it and was supposed to get with the office. I called the office also and the manager was not nice at all. I don’t remember the full conversation, but it was very frustrating. Then on the 21st of August, White Aluminum charged my credit card $2534.40 for the deposit. Again, I was highly upset; no one told me anything.

I once again contacted the office and Mike, this time to cancel the job; I also called Synchrony Bank and told them what happened. The Representative at the bank told me to call White Aluminum and tell them I want to cancel, and to remove the hold on my account. Of course, I did and of course White Aluminum didn’t. Instead, Mike called to apologize and claimed that they would move my job in front of everyone, since they had charged my card the deposit.

On August 25th, Jeff from White Aluminum came to take measurement of the windows and he said he would get the application for the permit with the City put in – don’t know if that ever happened because that was the last time I heard from anyone from White Aluminum.

Around October 13th, I contacted Mike to let him know that Synchrony Bank had contacted me to let me know, they needed to verify my social security number, so they had frozen my card – my social security was stolen during Equifax data breach so I had a fraud alert on my card. Mike told me they had ordered the windows, but I told him it should not take long for them to verify my identity.

And it did not take Synchrony Bank long to verify my identity; they called me on October 23rd to let me know my account had been unfrozen – they had verified my identity. I called Mike and left him a message; I also called White Aluminum office and spoke with two people, telling them what had happen – that my card was active again – one said he was the manage and his name was Michael. Michael rambled something like, he would check it out or something. But he never called me back. I again called Mike Gilley on Saturday the 24th, but he did not answer, and I left another message. By then, I was done with them and I am done with them now. All I want them to do, is remove the charge of $2534.40 from my credit card, and the hold on my credit card of $8448.01 – they did not earn that money, and have my card held up, so I cannot hire anyone else. This is just wrong.

Synchrony Bank cannot remove the hold; they said the merchant has to remove it. I was able to put a dispute in for the $2534.40, but that’s going to take 60 days to resolve and if I lose, I still have to pay that money and for what? To a bunch of crooks, who took advantage of an elderly person and now I am stuck paying the bill. Plus, $8448.01 is a lot of my money, White Aluminum has tied up on my card; I cannot even hire anyone else and the bank can do nothing about it. This is highway robbery by White Aluminum; I did not authorize either of those transactions on my card – it is fraud.

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