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White's Pit Stop

Country United States
State Indiana
City Schererville
Address 330 E US Hwy 30
Phone 219-865-3337

White's Pit Stop Reviews

  • Feb 4, 2016

A week ago, I ordered a BG Fuel Pres Regulator through White's. I was skeptical about using some Mom & Pop shop I have never heard of, and did not check reviews, but I placed the order anyway because I needed the part in a timely manner. I received a confirmation, but was not given/updated with a tracking number. So, a week after receiving no regulator, I called. I was told, "you know BG went out of business 7 years ago?". I said yes I do know that, but I ordered this part because it matched my nitrous regulator and it is the only one with the larger input/outputs I need, so I don't have to change my lines.

I figured that a part listed on your website is in stock as NOS...certainly if it was no longer available,I would think after 7 years they would have had a chance to remove it from the site! Then I said that someone should have contacted me to let me know this, instead of letting me sit around for a week waiting for a part that should have been in by now - I mean, how in the hell do they run a proper website when a confirmation order is sent but no communication is made about a fault of their own!? A customer should not have to call and inform them that we have not received an item! This is the worst online experience I have had and I do everything online! Thanks for wasting a week of my time, White's Pit Stop! As its name implies, it's a pit stop, and that's all you should take it for...

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