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Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 6108 Abrams Rd
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  • May 27, 2018

I am posting this on behalf of every person who has had their name libeled or slandered by this guy. I bought into his theories at first. I also donated money to him using my BIRTH NAME. I donated close to one thousand dollars to this individual over a period of three years. I believed him and thought he was really trying to uncover government corruption. I have the Pay Pal receipts to proove that I donated to him using my personal information. I also became a member of his website, I communicated with him on several occasions. I thought he was a friend! Then one day I asked him if he could look into a local event and see if it was staged or hoaxed. So as he was looking into this event, he suddenly turned against me and said that I was a member of the Bush family. He threatened me and said that he was going to expose me and my family as being the Bush family. When he does this sort of thing he encourages his followers to go after the people he says are the enemy. That is very dangerous and can lead to physical altercations, assault, and possibly death!! He then asks his followers to donate to him so he can expose more corruption in the government and in Hollywood. When he posted my information and said that I was someone I am not, then I knew it was a scam. I trusted him and believed him and he took that trust and stomped all over it!! I am hurt by his actions and hope his followers can see through the lies. Also another thing he does is when you become a member of his site, you have to add your email address. He may be using that information to look up youtube accounts. So anything you post or have posted on youtube including comments is fair game to him. He could use it and say that the individual in question is posting certain comments on youtube and getting paid by the government for it. I have all of my communications with him saved, and if decides he wants to file a lawsuit as a result of this report, I have that info to back it up. I also have all of my email communications, as well as receipts of donations and a membership to his site. I am sorry I trusted him, and believed his nonsense, and I am sorry if any other innocent people were offended or hurt by this individual. I did nothing to him to make him post my personal information without my permission! I didn't believe others when they told me his site is disinfo. I believed he was really exposing corruption. I thought his information was true. I was duped, and so we're many others.

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  • Sep 16, 2019


You are a disinfo agent . You have said nothing.

  • Aug 31, 2020

You are full of it.

Crawl back into your hole

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