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WAYNE REAVES Dealer Software & Websites

Country United States
State Georgia
City Macon
Address 6211 Thomaston Rd
Phone 888-477-9707

WAYNE REAVES Dealer Software & Websites Reviews

  • Jan 23, 2018

Wayne Reaves is the worst car dealer software company that we have ever dealt with. They told us whatever they could to get us pay them and did not deliver on their promises. They did not honor their terms nor did they make our business better. We spent a ridiculous amount of time fixing the problems that their dealership software caused our used car company. This cost us customers and the ability to get new business. After we placed our website on their software platform we almost immediately fell out of our first page rankings in Google and are still recovering from the drop in website traffic. DO NOT do business with them unless you are looking for the type of headaches that our dealership experienced. We gave them ample opportunity to correct the issues they caused but the ego of their programming team prevented them from working through to a solution. Instead Wayne Reaves and their programmers decided to go on the defensive telling us how well this one other customer is doing with it and how their platform is the most advanced thing on the market. We did not find that to be true. The platform we had before was much easier to use. They agreed that their car dealership software caused the issues that we had and explained the fix but never fixed anything. When confronted again, about them honoring and doing what they said they would do, they went on to instead defend the software again calling it the best car dealership software on the market. Wayne Reaves did not honor their terms, they cost my business money and then had the audacity to continue to auto-draft my account after I cancelled. This was a complete waste of time and now I have to rebuild the system that was working fine for us before. Wayne Reaves knows exactly what to say to get your business but after the veil of lies is lifted you are left with issue after issue.

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