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Wauconda Car Care & Auto Center

Country United States
State Illinois
City Wauconda
Address 619 W. Liberty St. (Route 176)
Phone 847-526-8212

Wauconda Car Care & Auto Center Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2015

Do Not Bring In Your Vehicle For Any Type of Car Service. They Will Argue With You Even When They Are Blatantly Wrong. I Brought My Car In For Several Estimates On August 4, 2015 totalling $2300. I Drove Away With My Car Making A Horrendous Noise From The Passenger Side Rear Wheel Well. I Called The GM Who Basically Said He Didn't Have Time To Look At It Because He Was So Busy and Said He Wasn't Going To Do It For Free. I Told Him I Never Asked For It To Be Free Unless They Caused It Which I Believed To Be True. Then He Said It Sounded Like The Emergency Brake Cable May Have Gotten Stuck and Could I Bring It In The Next Day But I'd Have To Leave It There All Day. He Couldn't Throw It Up On A Rack For A Half Hour? No. I Couldn't Get It Back That Quickly For Another Whole Day. A Few Weeks Later I Bought A New Set Of Tires And Was Told I Needed A New Rear Rim. I Just Got Out Of The Hospital A Week Ago And Decided To Bring The Car In at 12:30. AGAIN I Was Told They Couldn't Look At The Noise But Could I Bring It Back On Tuesday When They Had More Mechanics. AGAIN When I Tried To Bring Up The Noise, Not Only Did I Tell Him I Had No Noise Before The Estimate But He Blamed My Mechanic For Not Seeing It When He Fixed The Adjusters. Are You Kidding Me? I Made My Mechanic Fix His Own Error Just Like I'm Asking Them To Fix Theirs. This Second Guy Got Very Defensive and Rude and Said, "Maybe You Shouldn't Be Using A Backyard Mechanic." I Was Shocked, Raised My Voice and Said, "HE'S NOT!" Then Walked Out Saying Out Loud, "I'm Never Bringing My Car Here Again." My Mechanic had To Have Shoulder Surgery and Has Over 40 Years Experience In His Own Shop. Otherwise I Wouldn't Have Used These Bozo's. They are incapable of using logic or admitting their mechanic made a mistake. I Guess Customer Loyalty or Satisfaction Means Nothing To Them. They Lost $2,000 In Business. I Hope It Was Worth It.

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