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  • Jul 17, 2019

This company website atm stated that he has a proven system that’s all set up all I have to do is pick a niche and a websites is generated to start making money instantly through Amazon, ebay, and etc. Once I paid for the system I watched a few training videos that told me about getting a domain and adding your plugins. So my first step was to purchase a domain which I did now it was time for me to add my plugins.

I choose Amazon however when I tried to setup the plugin I was told in order to use Amazon API I would have to pick 3 product links and place it on my website and get sells first. So right there was the 1st lie that the owner Mark or whatever his name is told because in his video he shows you how easy it is to get Amazon plugins step by step but failed to mention that amazon requires you to have a few sells first in order to use there plugins.

The 2nd lie is everything is all done for you how if I have to get 3 sells when you stated pick your niche and watch your sells grow because of how your system is setup. Anyhow I called customer support and they told me to just use eBay plugins in my mind I’m like why when I prefer to use Amazon either way I found out that was the only way their system will generate the website. So I did eBay and my site was generated.

At this point I’m feeling a little frustrated because on his video pitch to get you to purchase he talks about how easy it is just answer a few questions , pick a niche and bam your website is making money. Yeah right I had to do more than just pick a niche nothing to hard but not a 123 like he stated either. At this point I’m trying to keep my cool because he claimed in his video that he’s not like those other gurus and the story he told and how he got started did sound very legit and convincing. However, into my third day I noticed no sales or traffic even though my website is up and running.

I called customer service again now they’re telling me I have to get 3 sales from eBay then I can join Amazon. So at this point I’m like wait a minute what is this system really about because this is not what caused me to sign up. What was promoted on this video about your system is totally different than what y’all been telling me who can I speak to about this. I was told the same thing over and over until I asked for a refund.

I wanted a refund for what I paid for the system and my domain name. They told me they will refund my money however they have nothing to do with my domain. I was like no duh however I only brought it because of your system. Needless to say they hung up twice on me and blocked my calls. As of now I have not seen an email confirming my refund. I’ll wait until tomorrow then I will call my credit card company.

This company is a scam and it needs to be shut down these people are wasting peoples time and hard earned money and getting rich off of scamming others. People like us need to bring them to justice for the deceit and fraud they’re committing.

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  • Aug 31, 2020


I was reviewing my bank statement and saw a charge from this company. I did not recognize them at all. I called customer service and reached a very nice young gal. Regardless, getting her to spell out the name of the website was a tricky problem because I had difficulty understanding her heavy accent. I did not want to wait to go look at the website before deciding I wanted a refund. I told her I wanted a refund of my $47.00 right now, sight unseen. No, no, no... she informed me my refund would be only $24.00 because of some blah-blah-blah processing fee from when I first signed up (which I never did do) and that since it was clearly stated on their website I was required to pay it. And now here I am. I found you guys by googling and to look at their website and, guess what... it does not exist. So I am going back into their jungle because I so do not like it when somebody picks my pocket and flat out steals $47.00 from me. I am a senior citizen attempting to just pay my bills from Social Security. Not an easy feat. Best of luck to all of you!

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  • Jan 7, 2020


Hi I am going through the same issues with this site. I have read what you stated and they said the same thing to me. My site is and my regular e-mail is [email protected]. If you have any successions I would like to here from you as well.I think I will ask for my refund just like you did because everything you said is correct.

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  • Oct 5, 2019

I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem

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  • Nov 9, 2019

Pay $2000 NOW

If you're looking to make a few extra dollars and someone told you to check out a site and that in order to show how serious you are about wanting extra income and you can do this in as little as 10 hours a week, you need to get $2000 dollars together and they will follow up in 3 days at the time you specify.

First off, if I had $2000 I wouldn't need extra income, Second, I miss your call and try to use the site you gave me and can't use the credentials you gave because there is no login screen.

I guess it's as fraudulent a I suspected it was.

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  • Jun 22, 2020


I have the same problem

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