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Waste Connections

Country United States
State Rhode Island
Address 240 GROTTO AVE
Phone 800.762.0244

Waste Connections Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2021

Ordered a 40 yard waste dumpster on 8/16/2021 had it removed on 8/18/2021.

Now they sent me a bill of $1,334.07 over twice as much then what I have ever paid from Premier Waste before Waste Connections bought them. They also are trying to tell me that the dumpster weighed 7.11 tons upon pickup which is impossible as their truck wouldn't be able to pick it up if it were that heavy.

  • Nov 28, 2019

The waste connections employees, generally just one, an older man will get out of the garbage truck he'll take three bags and the garbage can and put them in the truck. Any extra bags that are charged for he generally photographs and then throws away, when he thinks you're not home, he takes the photographs and bills for the extra bags but he never takes them.

He does spend about 10 to 15 minutes sometimes also just rooting through anybody's garbage that he has pick up responsibility for, and he collects all kinds of metal and other things and you can see him before the end of the day over at the local recycling center, and then you see him driving around my neighborhood which I guess he can't help because this is where all the drug dealers live.

I also had to fire the same company when I had another house over in northern Pueblo about four years ago. upon research here in the local Pueblo chieftain you can read all kinds of things about them.

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