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Wallace Automotive Group

Country United States
State Florida
City Stuart
Address 3801 SE Federal Hwy c
Phone 1 772-872-0501

Wallace Automotive Group Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2023

Because they were worried about the used car market collapse they decided to take money and set it aside, out of our profit. They said at a later date they would give it back but they did this without our consent. They did this to every sales manager at every dealership and no one would say anything for fear of losing their job. I quit working there after 12 years and asked them to pay me the money I was owed and they told me they would never pay unless a judge ordered them to. They set aside $60000 and my percentage of that was 8%. They always paid me well during the time I worked there other than many times they changed the payplan but they never messes with my money until this happened. They were just mad because I quit on them with no notice, just like they did to me 2 1/2 years earlier but I would remind them just like they told me...its just business, not personal. There are other, more ethical car dealerships to purchase from. If they would do this

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