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Walk at Home

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City New Castle
Address 2801 Wilmington Rd
Phone (724) 658-1400

Walk at Home Reviews

  • Jul 19, 2021

I signed up for Leslie Sansone's WalkAtHome digital plan so I could do her workouts on Roku. This was the very end of 2019. I have been a member until July 2021. I signed up for this plan because it had a lot of workouts to choose from. Everything has been fine until recently. When I go to do a workout I like it is no longer there. Plus it appears that the list of available workouts is shrinking but to be honest I did not take a formal count. I just know it takes way less time to scroll down the screen and workouts I have done before are gone. I paid for the entire year and requested a refund of the balance of the year which is fair since this is not what I signed up for. You can only get support via a online chat. They said sorry they cannot refund my money and that I am stuck til the end of the year. So that is it. Had I known they would remove workouts mid year I would not have signed up for a one year membership. I feel as if I am a victim of bait and switch. Then to make matters worse all the guy did after saying I could not terminate my membership was to cut and paste instructions for if my icon disappeared off my Roku and that was not the issue at all. My issue is I signed up thinking all this year I would be doing the same workouts I enjoyed last year and they keep being removed all of a sudden. I consider this dishonest. Leslie Sansone purports herself to be a Christian who "walks the walk" when in reality she seemingly would sell her soul for $40 or whatever the balance of my membership is. So now I am stuck with a shrinking list of available workouts without warning and through no fault of my own. I want the world to know. If I can save one person from joining this service I would feel I did someone a service. If Leslie for whatever reason decides to change her service to make it less valuable she should honor people's request for refunds.

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