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Walden University

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Minneapolis
Address 100 S Washington Ave #900
Phone 612-312-1200

Walden University Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2021

On May 23, 2014, I received an email (please see attached), from Walden University’s Bursars Office, and a later payment for a retroactive tuition reduction based on my military status. The Bursar Petition Committee and university leadership, according to the email, said they “would like to extend a refundable tuition waiver in the amount of $9,142.22 due to (my) missed savings.” This amount was a random, arbitrary number, and gave no real accounting for the actual amount owed. In fact, according to my calculations, which were based on real numbers, this amount is far less than what was actually owed me.

The Walden University’s Bursars Office then made a direct deposit into my account for more than their stated amount owned. The office then immediately placed a hold on my academic records and demanded payment. Not only is this ridiculous, unfair, it is also contrary to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) [20 USC 1232g and 34 CFR 99] and thus, is according to this agency and others, against the law. I request that Walden University forthwith make my student account current, paid in full, and release my transcripts immediately.

  • Jun 24, 2018

I was in my dissertation stage when Walden removed me from the program. They asked that I write a letter for re-entry and I did - I was never notified of the reason for not being able to get back into the Program. In fact, I had to keep emailing the Academic Advising Counselor who was working with me before he was able to find a letter in which he said was mailed to me, I found that to be interesting since the letter never arrived here at my house. But when I asked for the reason for denial of re-entry into the program - No one ever got back to me.

The Academic Advising Supervisor told me to get one of my Professors to write me a letter. I told her that wasn't one of the requirements for re-entry. Walden took my years of payment and time spent on my Ph.D. and gave me nothing. I have a big student loan and nothing for it... but Walden has now more professor and larger base and because of mine and other funds.

  • May 17, 2018

Despite the negative reviews, I decided to give the school a chance since they seemed to offer valuable course work. The main issue is that because they will accept anyone who can pay their ridiculous tuition, most of the students are from Nigeria and can't speak or write proper English. At a PhD level this is a problem and a red flag. Regardless of which course I took over the last years, passing it was a joke, as are most of the students, and the professors, who are clearly happy to collect a pay check for their minimum effort in posting assignments.

The reading and assignments were set many years ago and they keep repeating them. By not updating the couse work, you can find dozens of websites from which you can purchase answers to assignments that were written by tutors who wrote the homework for other students years ago --most probably for the poor Nigerian students, whom as I said, have no chance to graduate. The professors have only to assign the syllabus they are given. Generally, they seem uninterested in teaching and make very small efforts to help the students learn. In general, the feedback I received was generic and not very helpful. They do not use videos or chats to communicate with students. Instead they refer you to Youtube videos available to anyone.

At every residency, which is also very expensive, American students would often sit together and eventually the conversation would turn to the same topic --how the school allowed so many Nigerian students, who were clearly going to fail, repeat courses and be a nuissance to those of us who are fluent in English. And we all complained that participating in the weekly discussion groups was torture, given the poor writing from these students and the obligation to read all of their deficient posts. In the process, the school collects thousands from these ill-fated graduates, while quailty students learn little from the enrollees who are not prepared at the PhD level .

The kicker is that when you are near the end of your course work, you are not prepared to begin the dissertation process. You're left on your own to fail and are blamed for not providing quality work.

I suppose the reason is to eliminate as many students as possible, after they've collected thousands from them, so they do not receive PhDs and embarass the school.

To summarize, I feel unprepared to enter a university as faculty or to perfom a job I could apply for with a PhD.

  • Jul 7, 2017

I attended Walden for a year and had trouble with a class which brought my gpa to a 2.07. I repeatedly emailed financial aid if I was qualified for financial aid due to this low GPA and to please inform me before the deadline. I finally received a reply weeks later stating I was not but had loans and other options. I immediately informed Walden that I wanted to withdraw ASAP (stated this in an email inquiring that if I couldn't get the financial aid I needed to withdraw) and went about doing what needed to be done. Fast forward 9 months ago they sold the debt to a collection agency. I informed the agency of what happened and they asked if I was going to pay this bill so of course, I told them no. Well now they've reported me to the Credit bureaus and I plan to fight this every step of the way. What an unethical money hungry unprofessional institution. They don't care about their students or else they would handle these matters better. What makes them think a person qualifying for GOVERNMENT financial aid can pay over $2,000 for ONE class??? Run, don't walk away from these vultures.

  • Jun 22, 2017

On May 26, 2017 at approximately 5:47 PM, I received an academic warning from Walden University concerning my doctoral program, the University is claiming that I did not meet the minimum standards for the program after we had completed the requirements for the APA publications manual. Because of this I have been placed on academic warning because my GPA is below 3.0 this would be a bit hard to believe, considering I came into the school with a GPA of 4.00 and I was a straight A, student coming from a Master’s degree program.

In this report. My fellow students will get to personally review my writing style, as this is the report that will be sent to Walden upon my voluntarily withdrawing from the school. But before I go, I want my classmates to know that I did do work and I will be explaining a lot of reasons why I have decided to leave Walden. I will try to be simple and brief and concentrate only on the key points that I think are relevant to my withdrawal, unknowing to your surrounding classmates. There may be other classmates that are in a condition of distress, because of Walden academic procedures. Let’s look at some evidence. No student deserves a failing grade, if they have done some work, the only student that deserves a failing grade is a student that has done no work at all. Because there would be no basis to give a grade because no work was done.

According to my academic warning document, it clearly states that the University has determined that I have not met the standards for the spring semester term, and I have been placed on academic warning because my GPA is below 3.0. It also states that I have two semesters to bring my GPA up to a 3.0 or higher which would be the end of the fall semester in December 2017, let’s keep in mind that I would be passing. Had I been allowed to make up two assignments where the information was unclear, of exactly what had to be accomplished, most students know that Dr. Case will not allow a second chance. Perhaps one Day in life case will want a second chance, at something important, karma debt is vicious. Do onto others as you will have done to yourself, and I guarantee you his request for a second chance will be denied, whatever that chance may be, and for whatever purpose that may be. Had I and others in my same condition been allowed to make up those two or three assignments, they would have passed. But that time is no longer available because Dr. case works for, a for-profit school and his job is to see that some students fail, so the school can get that extra profit, this being a fact, of course, Walden is a for profit university, and Dr. case works for Walden University.

Also in the letter, we noticed that the school stated that they strongly recommend that I retake any course in which you have received a grade of F which means fail. If we truly look behind the scenes concerning this. Let’s look at some mathematics, depending on your situation, meaning how you intend to pay for your courses, I cannot determine whether everyone is paying the same price for each individual course or are the prices fluctuated between students. I can only use my student prices as example, I received an acceptance letter from Walden University and basically started my course, I paid $2379 for one course, this does not include the prices of the course books which vary from one to $200 depending on the book, and we all know that Prof. case could have, gave a second chance and let all those people who didn’t understand the course. The first time retake the Assignments, and most likely they would have passed, but keep in mind this is a for-profit school so we multiply 2379×2, which means you will have to pay for the course again to receive a passing grade. not Guaranteed, The total amount that the school wants you to pay for the courses as follows. $4758 per course excluding the price of the book, that’s almost $5000 per course. There is also no military discount. It is just the finagling of numbers, because no school of profit is really going to give you a discount. It just looks like a discount, the school also recommends considering tutoring services available through the academic skills Center, they throw in take, a writing class at a local college, and they really mean take the writing class with them so they can get more money out of you. They really want you to retake the course so they can charge you double for the same course twice. Since the beginning of the doctoral of information technology program started. This is about its fourth year in the running. Not one single student has ever graduated from this program. A for-profit school would not want you to really graduate anyway, because it would severely stifle their incoming profits.

Summary conclusion

because of this unwanted type of behavior on the part of -Walden University, the school can close out my student account and send me a billing invoice for any outstanding balances concerning the two courses that I have taken, which are as follows. I TEC 8000, and one residency. At Gaylord national. I will also require an official transcript with the credits that I have earned which are as follows. Six credits were granted for transfer, and six credits were earned from the two courses I have taken. So basically that is a total of 12 credits at the doctoral level. This will be my final letter concerning this matter as I have moved on and transferred to a new University. Had Prof. Case, been more concerned about my educational pursuits. I still would have stayed, at Walden, he refused to allow a student to make up work that was not understandable and this is one of the key reasons why am leaving Walden. He’s only concerned with profits, not students. Education, based on my observations, myself a Master’s Degree student with a 4.0 GPA. I don’t think too many students would question my judgment based on these facts and proof. The analysis points to a covert type of dishonest, academic policy

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  • Jun 10, 2017

My husband took the intro. class in 2012, but withdrew before he was charged tuition. I personally worked with the student counselor to verify his withdrawal as I was attending St. Leo University online and had clear understanding of tuition charged deadlines. In Jan. 2017 he started receiving collection notices from a collection agency, but we have no prior notice from the school of any owed amount. They also did not start reporting to the credit bureaus any delinquency until 1 year after he initially enrolled. He was setup through FAFSA and had been awarded financial aid, so the school would have needed to charge the tuition to the financial aid and not directly to my husband. The collection notice is currently for over $2700. There is no explanation for why the school would wait over 1 year to collect tuition, and on top of that for a class that he was withdrawn from. And why is this just now showing up on his credit reports? If he was truly delinquent they would have reported several years ago. Due to this unjustified collection we are now being denied on credit applications. If it weren't for this issue I would have just let the delinquency expire from his credit report, but we can't wait that long.

  • May 12, 2017

I was a graduate student at Walden University a for profit online school owned by Laurete Education.I had to withdraw due to a relatives illness.I called the school about a tuition waiver.The school rep stated You knew your son was handicapped you should have thought about that before you entered school.Walden is interested in profit education isnt a priority.I contacted the BBB of Minn.Walden replied with a terse lie concerning the reason 4 the tuition denial.Its a rip off a scam period.They have tons of resources to seem legit.Stay away.

  • Mar 24, 2016

I received a masters from the school. I returned to the school for another degree and I had a family emergency. I had to leave abruptly. I have fought with Walden over the charges. They have now added another 1200 which totals 5400 that I am in collections for. I have submitted my grandfathers Doctor notes and that isn't sufficient for them. To make matters worse, my first degree is no longer recognized by my state. The schools fees constantly increase and you do not get what you pay for. Do not waste your money!

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