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Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 1700 7th Ave
Phone 800.846.4585
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  • Oct 20, 2020

Beware of purchasing F3BioSuperfood (for people) and F3BioPrep (for animals)....These products cost $125 and $45 respectively, for each bottle! and after taking only a few pills I noticed that both my husband and myself began getting hostile to one another as well as my husband noticing this at work (where he would suddenly just feel angry and found himself uncontrollably lashing out at people)! I also noticed that after giving the 'pet pill' to my cat, instead of helping her condition, it made it worse where she became massively constipated and also extremely angry (hissing and growling at us and the other cats, and then hiding all day!).

I researched online, and after quite a lot of 'digging' found that any products containing Spirulina (and F3 BioSuperfood pills contain Spirulina pacifica and Spirulina platensis) also contain a lot of 'B' vit's and 'B' vit's have been known to actually bring out anger (and even Rage) in some people. Of course you will never find this kind of information on any site that sells these F3 Bio food pills! (because if you have to 'dig' for the info, like I did After purchasing and finding out the side effects first hand!, it's then too late - your money is gone!....had the site mentioned the 'possibility' of any side effects, they're afraid you probably wouldn't buy them....and that's all these sellers care about!).

Note: These pills also contain astaxanthin which I found out one of the side effects is stomach pain, which is also something I experienced every time I took a pill (and perhaps that is also what my poor cat was going thru that caused the constipation issues). I found one site listing side effects stating: "Consuming spirulina can lead to flatulence, causing abdominal cramps, nausea, and anaphylaxis – especially in people consuming it for the first time". Yet Vitamin Donkey site states Zero info on possible side effects and No Where online do they allow any 'honest, negative' testimonies to be posted....there is no Google review options because they somehow managed to block getting reviewed there, or on Yahoo, etc. This is why I finally had to resort to leaving an honest review on the BBB site, and now on Ripoff site (just so future customers 'hopefully' will be Warned 'Before' making a purchase that could cause them health issues and money lost.

I had filed a claim thru Paypal to get a refund for both these bottles of pills that are now useless to me, because when i wrote to VitaminDonkey for a refund they just completely Ignored my requests! This is why I am reviewing Them (and not just the F3 Bio pills!). Yes these pills might help some people, (provided all their reviews are truthful and not made up reviews to boost sales), but if this was an 'honest' co., they would also note that there ARE side effects and allow a customer to then decide for themselves....but they list nothing of any side effects At All!....and if they were SO 'honest' they would at least refund the cost to anyone who did experience side effects (as we did), if the product they 'specialize' in selling is so great for so many people as they'tout' it to be, then why would it hurt them to refund anyone who finds this product was Not as described (re: instead of getting health benefits from taking it, it Created health issues instead!).

This co. obviously does Not Stand Behind what they sell, and don't care how it affects someone's health...all they care about is making the sale! They managed to get Paypal to deny my claims, so now I am stuck with a $170 loss and 2 bottles of Worthless Pills! So Buyer Beware! not only regarding the F3Bio products (they are Not all the various websites tout them to be!!), but also Beware of VitaminDonkey who Does Not Care about the health effects the products they sell have on their long as they Make their $$, that is All that they Care About!!

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