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Vitalogy Skincare

Country United States
State Texas
City Georgetown
Address 4513 Williams Dr
Phone 512-868-3376

Vitalogy Skincare Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2020

DON'T waste your time w/Vitalogy as a patient or employee. Patients, get w/Billing as many of you, especially Medicare patients, you have CREDITS (money) sitting in your accts that is not being refunded back to you.

I was your energetic, passionate front desk patient care representative that hardly if ever got a lunch and was abused mentally and emotionally by Brittany M., Alex R. and Francie W. I was also given racial slurs, reported things and nothing was done. I see patients personal information out, where housekeeping and others have easy access to your addresses, medical information, social Security numbers, your children's information and more. Nothing is secure, not even working here. I was fired on July 30th due to hear say as I was told by Francie W. and also because I am a Liability.

I report and document things. I told Francie in an email the other day that I'd report my complaints above her, this is another reason that I'm sure that I was let go. The turn over is insane, Alex R. the new office manager for Bastrop and San Marcos locations has bipolar disorder and anger issues. Alex has tantrums right in front of patients, telling them what they can and can not do. I have more to come back to say, as I'm filing so many complaints against Vitalogy and all the laws that are broken at Vitalogy. I have emails, pictures, documents and video that will be shared. Patients and employees, if you have any issues... Make your reviews, don't call, because nothing gets done about your concerns.

Employees don't be afraid to love and respect yourself enough to call the person above Administration... Patients, your prescriptions are on display to anyone and you can hardly get them anyway, so just email the Head Man instead. Call the Compliance Hotline, EEOC, HIPAA, OSHA, BBB, Rip Off Report,The Texas Workforce Commission, Medical Board and more. Items used on patients would sit outside over the weekend and still be used toward the patients, opened already by the homeless, I'm sure...see pic. I do have plenty more graphics that aren't posted. The establishment has an infestation of roaches, homeless persons sleep outside leaving their urine on the sidewalks there and more, Vitalogy also doesn't clean, I did a lot of the cleaning for the safety of myself, my team and the patients. Your Medical Assistant and Doctor will change. Dr. Straight and Dr. Chu are arriving in Bastrop soon at Vitalogy, the couple has no idea what they will be getting themselves into...

They use expired samples and expired Botox is used and given out to patients. Needles are on the floor and uncapped (photos). Patients are talked about rudely by Providers as they are called names with severe profanity involved. Patients appointments are deleted and cancelled without any consideration of reaching out to inform the patients. If you'd like to know more, email me at [email protected]

I've created a Blog where people can feel safe to come and share their experiences good or bad. I want to thank the good teammates and beautiful patients I interacted with on a daily, you are phenomenal and you are worth more than Vitalogy can offer!

Someone get Francie a hair colorist, remind Brittany that she is black and buy Alex a new wig and new medications, because whatever she is on, isn't working, literally!!! Lol! I am revived, I am at peace... Woke up feeling free, so thank you Francie W. for letting me go. I only stayed for the team and the patients, nothing more, nothing less and it SHOWED in how I treated people and in my work ethic, your loss and now another doctors gain! God will fix you all that aren't fair and manipulative! A patient prayed with me there at Vitalogy, see what you all are against.

Francie W., Brittany M., Star the Hispanic M.A., Alex R....all frauds.

Contact CEO: [email protected]


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