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Vitality Health and Wellness

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami Beach
Address 801 4th Street
Phone (305) 466-1100

Vitality Health and Wellness Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2022

Dr. Levinson is all only about MONEY. YOUR MONEY!!! DO NOT GO TO HIM. He has the largest ego and is ARROGANT. He doesn’t care about you, only his bank account. First, he does not know ANYTHING about how to get Lupus into remission. (I have Lupus, other autoimmune disorders, and a connective tissue disorder)

He never explained how his stem cell treatment would help me go into remission, yet, wanted to charge me a fortune to use it for Lupus. I was sick, had gone deaf in one ear from Lupus, and was vulnerable. I saw how he lied and ignored my gut/inner voice. Fortunately, he didn’t have the vials of stem cells which DO NOT HELP LUPUS!!!

I am now BLESSED to work with a naturopathic doctor and am in remission. Second, he gave me KETAMINE because I was crying, never informing me it was anesthesia. I didn’t know KETAMINE was anesthesia. I never would have consented to that and paid a fortune for it.

Ketamine, I’ve since learned is used for extremely depressed clients that are suicidal. I did not fit into that category, but he didn’t care because he would be paid MONEY for it. Both treatments would be weekly for a minimum of 3 months. Resulting in his bank account massively increasing while mine would be diminishing and I would continue to have active Lupus and all my other disorders.

Third, spending $400 for an incompetent first evaluation. I drove 2 hours to see him, waited 3 hours to see him, and when I did, he asked me what medications I was taking. Being upset because I felt so ill from Lupus, I didn’t realize that not one of his staff members had asked me for my medication list or supplements.

I had to spell out the names of my medication to him and he became IRRITABLE. Then, I gave him my paper list of them to copy. He didn’t ask me about what supplements I was taking. This was part of my $400 assessment!!! If you are desperate for help, PLEASE take my advice and stay away from him.

He is only about himself and MONEY. And you end up spending tons of it with his false promises. When instead you can find someone who KNOWS how to help you.

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