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Vital Signs

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Carnegie
Address 2812 Idlewood Road
Phone (412) 494-3308

Vital Signs Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2017

Sandy and Steve Burkett of Vital signs Pittsburgh are flat-out psychopathic con artists that are deadbeats and have many liens filed against them. They are liars and have tried to defame any debt collectors that have come in contact with them trying to resolve their many debts.

They have gone on a 10 year campaign against me for simply doing my job. They continually say that I misrepresented myself as a lawyer and said I could go to court and orchestrate a lien release after I did the impossible and actually mediated a settlement with them for one of my clients.

Not one time did they ever mention the lien that is STILL outstanding against these deadbeats. Furthermore, I’ve had many claims against them from other clients over a 10 year period they refuse to pay and are black-listed in their industry all over the country.

Do business with them at your own peril.

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