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Vital Records Online

Country United States
State Alabama

Vital Records Online Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2019

This portal occupies the top webplacement online when typing in cook county birth certificates. The charge for 3 birth certificates for an Illinois birth is 21 dollars online. This company, presents as the portal to make the request for birth certificates in Illinois, and charges 43 DOLLARS to simply generate the birth certificate request form.

The certificate is only $15.00. By directly contacting the cook co health department, (which pretends to be) the legitimate form can be accessed free of charge, and the request can also be made free, there is no charge to generate the request form which YOU type in or hand complete after printing.

AFTER they charge a whopping $43.00 dollar unneccessary fee, the user is then directed to print out the form (at your own expense) with the instructions to mail in the form with ANOTHER fee which is the legitimate charge for the certificate. The form is available free from the cook co dept of health, so to be clear, this entity is charging $43 dollars to generate a free form. This is a terribe scam.

The site should make it clear that it is a form prep service and the user is being charged for a service that is free. The user is not aware the request requires additional payment to the Cook Co Health Dept until AFTER they have charged a ridiculous 43 dollar fee for a free request process.

The Illinois Department of Health/Cook Co Records should take measures to advise the public they are being misrepresented! These people are located in SPAIN and are CROOKS they charged my debit card and also charged a separate master card by producing an error message on the debit then prompting for a second form of payment. The charge prompted an immediate "fraud detection" alert and generated a verification call from my Debit Card company.

  • Oct 15, 2018

In the world of hacking, it gets a little bit difficult to explain to the general public what happened, so I'm just going to say this. This report is not about what they did to me, it's a report that suggests possible fraud, and that's it. Meaning, I'm filing a complaint that there is an issue that needs to get investigated and that issue is simply who are these people, what are they doing, and are they playing games they don't need to play, yes or no?

That said, what I would like to say to the general public is that if you are looking up this company, you probably are wanting to apply for your birth certificate.

There is one screen that takes your information, then a second screen takes a payment. I so far have not gotten this to go through because the screen keeps refreshing. Now, here's what i am saying about it. In order to order your birth certificate, you have to give very, very personal information. You give your real name, which you're used to giving online everywhere, but it's it more than that, you give all the information they are asking for, some of which can get used against you, like for example, your mother's maiden name if you've ever used that as a secret question.

Now, this is really far fetched, so I seriously doubt I'm going to file a police report on it. I read the report of the other girl having problems, and what she's saying seems pretty stupid, and now my screen is refreshing but only after I've filled in all this information they ask for including the credit card information. So why won't they just let me order the d**n thing is why I'm filing a complaint. I'm not stupid when it comes to technology. Yes, it is possible I could be doing something wrong which is why I am saying I am not making accusations, but I am doing is filing a complaint because I know how technology works, and this website is set up very well. They aren't stupid either when it comes to technology, I can assure you.

Use them if you want to but my advice is to see about calling someone directly, someone who works for the government and not picking the first random website that pulled up - by the way it said ad on it - without looking at the rest of them. Look around before you give out your mother's maiden name and your credit card information, because fraud doesn't happen all of the sudden, it happens slowly. If someone is going to bother your bank account or steal your identity what they are going to do is prey on people, and over time, whoever gives out enough information, well, they opened themselves up for it.

Hope this helps you with your decision on who to use.

  • May 22, 2018

I am trying to get a copy of my fathers death certificate. After filling in all the info - the price was $60 for electronic file.

I was goign to log out and it offered a 15% disount - so BELIEVING I was goign to get the electronic copy - and my SIster needing the inof - I spent the $33. Another screen pops up where I have to send another $20 to the state of Iowa - where he was born - NOT the state of CA where her died.

Then make copies and ,ail and wait 4 to 6 weeks - NOTHING electronic about that


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