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Vital Records Now

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 1-212-293-0007

Vital Records Now Reviews

  • Feb 24, 2020

Requested a Georgia birth certificate for my husband through Vital Records Now (Zcertifica USA, LLC) in December 2019. After waiting the amount of time they claimed it could take (up to 10 weeks), we received no document. I searched their website for a contact phone number to no avail (no address, either). The only way to contact them is through email, however, when I provided my email (and then my husband's email) the message box claimed neither email was on record.

I contacted my bank, and they saw that there was a phone number (212-293-0007). I tried that number and a woman with broken English answered unintelligibly with a company name I didn't understand. I asked her to repeat the name twice, and again, couldn't understand what she said either time and asked her to spell it.

She asked me the name of who I wanted to speak with. When I told her I was trying to reach Zcertifica USA/Vital Records Now, she said her company was an investment company. I asked her what number she had there and she rattled off an incomplete number. I asked her to repeat it and she told me that I had the wrong number.

I told her the number I had dialed and asked if it was her number...she said it was not her number, to check the number I dialed. I told her I would try the number again. However, when I did redial, (from my cell phone) the phone rang 25 times and was then disconnected. I attempted to call one more time from my cell phone with the same results.

I then tried to call from a different number (although, the area code is the same), and again, got the same results. I have filed a fraud report with my bank against this company...if it really is a 'company'. Very Pissed consumer here!

  • Oct 20, 2019

Vital Records Now, aka Zertifica, posted a link on a state of CA website for vital records. They 'pretend' to be part of a government agency. When I clicked on their link, I was absolutely sure that I was dealing with the actual state of CA agency when in fact, I was contacting a third party vendor which was only pretending to be a government agency. They charged my $110.00 for a document that only costs $25.00. They delayed my document until I contacted my state's AG upon which, they finally delivered my document. They attempted to get me to pay several times for that same, single document and, again, it wasn't until my state's AG got involved that I finally got my document. BUT...I paid $110.00 for a $25.00 document. I've searched for this outfit online and it seems as though they consistently over charge and usually DO NOT DELIVER what they say they will.

  • Oct 22, 2018

I was told by the State of Minnesota that my completed application for a certified copy of my birth certificate had been received but the credit card submitted for payment was invalid. They told me I could pay the $46 processing fee with a new number or they could send my application back to me and decide what to do later. I had already been waiting for the birth certificate for 2 weeks. I paid Vital Records Now, $100 for a rush order. What a foolish thing to do on my part.

I went online to leave a message for the company and request a refund...there is no contact information to be found for them. No phone number, no email address. Nothing. I have no way to request a refund. They have stolen my $100.

I even tried to leave a message in the communications portal with my customer ID # but they have closed it.

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