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Vita Complexion

Country United States
State Wyoming
City Cheyenne
Address 1603 Capital Avenue
Phone (877) 282-2541

Vita Complexion Reviews

  • Aug 15, 2016

Giant Rip-Off by an unscrupulous company doing business under many names such as Lumiere, VitaComplexion, Beauty Samples, CRM. They'll get your credit card number and start sending monthly "subscription" orders at $100 each. If you try to cancel, the cancellation order will come under a different company name, so when you try to prove to the credit card company that you canceled, you have a cancellation order # from a company of a different name. We had to close the credit card and get a new one since these shysters wouldn't stop charging our card. Meanwhile, the "Lumiere" sucks - it's snake oil.

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