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Visual Entities, Inc.

Country United States
State Michigan
City Wyoming
Address 2160 Byron Center Ave SW

Visual Entities, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2017

Our organization utilized Visual Entities to provide indoor and outdoor signs for several of our locations. The experience at the beginning was adequate eventhough I had to perform much of the graphic design myself and was charged exorberant prices for it. Many of their staff had left and the company was left with unprofessional, tardy and disorganized personell. The signs we purchased were given delays after delays for delivery and installation, and when installed many were placed in the wrong locations or not installed at all. The company would call for payment despite not completing work and numerous emails I had sent them over the past year were unresponded to becasue of "email issues". I had even offered to help them fix their email server because a several month project took triple the amount of time.

The designs that I were sent were what appeared to be by novices, they did not take the care to even match the appropriate color of the logos and installed wrong labels and asked for payment!

I had asked the company to remove excessive fees that they did not perform. They did not do design as it was done by me. The quality of the work is subpar and there are I am sure soo many other better companies who can provide much better service and quality

I would really not recommend using this company for any services and would caution any promises they make as you will be overpaying for subpar work that ultimately would be a waste of time and extremely frustrating.

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