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report scam

Vistaprint B.V.

Country Netherlands
City LW Venlo
Address Hudsonweg 8
Phone 31 77 850 7700

Vistaprint B.V. Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2016

On 12/13/2015 I noticed that an amount of $119.99 was taken out of my paypal account through my bank account. I did NOT authorize this transaction! Paypal said that I had a payment agreement with them starting in 2014 for double the amount of ($239.98) that they took out in 2015. But I did notice the amount of $119.99 initiated and taken out on 11/12/2014 so now I'm confused as to whether I actually did have an account in the first place.

The problem with that is;

1) I obviously don't remember a year ago

2) Who's ever heard of that amount to be taken out without tax or shipping charges?

3) I haven't received any physical material or an email stating what I actually purchased from Vistaprint or Paypal.

4) The primary funding source is my paypal balance, (which has been zero dollars for longer than I can remember) with no

"back up funding source" but they took the money out of my now closed business checking account.

(The business is

closed, not the checking account)

5) Has anyobe ever heard of this particular company with this exact name besides the other guy who filed a report? When I

did a search through google and I clicked on the link, it brought me to a Hoover's Inc. website.

6) When I clicked on chat, they told me I was in the wrong place and they couldn't help me. (I did save all the chat and used

a snipit tool to save the entire page)

7) When I clicked the chat button again, a different operator (Ralph) came on and immediately closed the chat. I just clicked

on the chat button a third time, got the same operator named Kevin and he immediately closed the chat as did the

previous operator Ralph.

8) When I went to vistaprint . com, I had no other orders after 7/20/2011 for the amount of $14.82

9) Paypal closed the case in 6 days and said I did have a payment agreement, but when I click on payment agreements,

there is none.

I'm sure I'm leaving out something, but this is what I have at the moment.

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