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Vista Energy Marketing

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 4306 Yoakum Blvd Suite 600
Phone (888) 508-4782

Vista Energy Marketing Reviews

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  • Jul 5, 2018

A knock on the door. some stranger standing there will identification (probably fake), saying he was a rep. of Vista Energy, and company that was going to "lower my monthly bill" and "lock in that price". Well guess what?

It is a scam. they lied, falsly made offers they had no intention of keeping. I have since contacted PG&E to regain their service, just to find out that Vista takes months to cancel your order. After contacting the rip-offs, i am hopeful they will keep at least this part of their word and cancel me. After signing up with these fools, my gas bill actually increased by nearly $100.00 permonth, and my furnace (which is turned off for summer) is the only gas appliance in this apartment.

How does that work?

If you are approached by these people, politely tell them to hit the road. This is a scam alert. if you fall prey, as I did, then shame on you. (read previous reports)

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  • Mar 14, 2020

Absolute piece of sh*t scammers. Total garbage. One of these field reps came to my door playing off like he worked for PG&E and going on and on about how much I'd be saving because they use a flat rate of $0.85 rather than $1-2 for gas and yada yada.

My bills have *doubled* in cost since. I'm a full-time student, put out of work indefinitely because of coronavirus, dealing with an ongoing health issue, and I would like to be able to feed myself with the money you stole from me.

Customer service said there's a final bill on my account cancellation and I would rather shut off my entire PG&E account than ever give them my money. I want a refund immediately.

  • Jun 1, 2018

A guy came to my door and told me he was working with the Vista energy org and he wanted to see my energy bills. i didn't let him see my information, then i searched the net and saw that PG&E states that nobody comes to your door regarding your energy bills. so Be Careful. i am not sure what would have happened if i submitted for that Vista Stuff!???

  • Feb 11, 2017

Vista energy made me think they were with my utility company and trying to save me money by "locking" me in to a lower rate. All they really did was add extra "gas procurement" charge to my bill in addition to my paying my regular utility company for gas. Since signing up for this service my energy bill has been higher every month. I was locked into a one-year contract and if I canceled early I had to pay $100. I think I should've just paid the hundred dollars because I'm pretty sure that I spent a lot more than that over the course of the year paying their ridiculous charges. On top of all this they harassed me about my bill and threatened me numerous times. When I called to cancel my service they asked me why I wanted to cancel I told them the reason was because they had Deceived me to get me to sign up, overcharged me and harassed me. All they said was sorry. It was like they knew full well what had been done. If anyone comes to your door selling you something be very wary. PG&E will never come to your house trying to sell you anything.

  • Nov 12, 2016

I am writing this report because I got cheated by VISTA ENERGY. I had just moved to a house early this year in Alameda County, CA. I had not lived in a house before and was not sure about the energy bill. Unfortunately for me, I opened the door for a VISTA ENERGY salesperson one morning. He promised me a lot of savings if I signed up for Gas procurement from VISTA. As I was a little bit concerned about the energy bill, I took his words for granted and signed up.

I got busy with my work and after a few months I looked at my PG&E bills. I found to my horror that VISTA was charging me a lot more than the credit that I was receiving from PG&E. After I tallied my bills for the 7 months I was with VISTA, I found that they overcharged me for $81.53!!

I just want to make everyone aware of this corrupt company and want them to never sign up any contract with them. You will end up paying a lot more instead of saving money.

I will file a complain to CPUC as well about this company. This company should noe be allowed to do any business.

Let me know any other channels where I can write this truth about this company.

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