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Vista BMW Coconut Creek

Country United States
State Florida
City Coconut Creek
Address 4401 W Sample Rd
Phone 954-935-2700

Vista BMW Coconut Creek Reviews

  • Feb 23, 2017

I was in the market for a M5 and inquired about a 2015 they have. I live 4 hours away so wanted to finalize the deal as much as possible before making the drive out. On February 7th I was able to work out a trade in deal with the sales representative Frank. Since then I've never had to work so hard to purchase a vehicle. Needing to ask multiple times for status updates and pictures of the vehicle. Part of the deal was getting it CPO'ed which it did and went for final detailing. At that point the detailers found a leak on one of the shocks which I didn't find reassuring. Frank said the part would take 2 weeks and I was fine with that. On February 18th I was finally sent pictures of the car and was told the car was sitting out and had other people interested. This is where I started losing any trust I had remaining as I couldn't figure out why the car is still for sale. I had offered to put a deposit on the car immediately after the deal was made on February 7th pending pictures. Since I didn't get the pictures until February 18th I wanted to move forward with the deposit. Frank sent me the deposit form and I immediately sent it back. Several hours later I received a call from the sales manager Aspi saying that “shop costs” have increased and now the car would be another $1k over agreed upon price. I was in complete shock as to why I am just learning about these "new" costs even with the vehicle under warranty. Aspi called back and said he was able to lower it to $500 more but at this point I have lost complete faith and told him I was no longer interested. As a business owner it blows my mind why a company would pull something like this on a $75k deal.

  • Aug 19, 2015

Purchased a not titled new car from Vista BMW on 8/7/15.

2015 X4 with 6100 miles.

Was a demo car.

Obtained a car fax.

When we returned home with car noticed fog light not secured.

Made appointment with Coggin BMW for repair which they told me

the front end behind the fog light indicates front end impact and

wont know till they replace the fog light. Also showed me the hood

which one side is evenly spaced but the side with the fog light the gap

is mis aligned, to him indicating front end impact had occured.

Phoned Vista Motors requesting to take car back, as we do not want

a damaged new car and sell us another. They refused claiming too much


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