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Visions Outreach, Inc.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address PO BOX 16908
Phone 404-399-3386

Visions Outreach, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2015

A few months back, I was introduced to Leonard Morgan and his Veterans Services organization--Visions Outreach. He asked me to handled some marketing and business development for him. I presented a plan and budget, he showed interest and desire to work with me, but after complaining about the last person who rendered a service and he felt ripped them off, he was hesitant to move forward without a budget in place. I told him to call me when he could pay. I beleive he thought I would volunterr my services because of the relationship to the person who introduced us and the things I could bring to the table to enhance his efforts and organization. Somthing just didn't sit right with me and this man.

Months passed, and Leonard Morgan reached out again, this time with an ability to pay. Could I help him with some materials, a presentation kit, refreshing his website. We agreed to terms, he gave me a deposit and I delivered initial work. Several weeks went by with no word from him and I assumed that he was going to flake on the rest of my money. After tracking him down, he made some very lame excuses that amounted to him just not wanting to pay me for the work done. We had words, very harsh on my end, and he agreed to move forward and pay me.

Fast forward. We met up, came to terms and I agreed to work with him and his webmaster, who oddly enough has the same last name and when I finally spoke to him, sounded exactly like Leoanrd. I even remarked that he did, he laughed and played it off. I suspect,no, I know it was Leonard.

More work performed. More lies and dodging and excuses. Promises broken and now refusal to answer his phone and pay me as promised. He last contacted me via email to have me resend the materials he so desperatly needed. Claims he did not get them, when I know he did. He simply tricked me out of the materials.

I decided to take matters in my hands and research Leonard Morgan and Visions Outreach only to find other complaints from innocent Veterans, groups and businesses ripped off by this man.

I will pursue this matter, as it is a matter of principle and integrity on my end, and retaliation on his part for my having called him out and spoken to him in a manner he felt was unacceptable. He played me. Pure and simple.

Do not do business with this man and do not engage them for any services. They are not qualified and their programs are nothing more than a shell, smoke and mirrors. I know, because I had to formulate the copy and program and service descriptions in order to present something half way credible to the corporations and affiliates he wisheds to get in bed with.

In the words of Henry Hill: " F*** you. Pay me."

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