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Vision Wrecker Service

Country United States
State Maryland
City Owings Mills
Address 10425 Reisterstown Rd
Phone 443-548-3995

Vision Wrecker Service Reviews

  • Jul 6, 2017

These guys are predators. TLDR towed my car within 15 minutes in a 2 hour parking zone, charged $325 cash, told me to take them to court for any reparations.

I parked my vehicle in a 2 hour parking zone, clearly indicated with signs. I had every intention of coming back within the two hour window and moving my vehicle (visiting a friend before we left their place together). Walked back to my car well within the the 2 hour window, only to find that it was already gone. Spoke with a security guard on the premises and they confirmed that a tow truck had left with a vehicle matching my description about 15 minutes after the time I told them I parked.

I immediately phoned the number of the towing company on the sign, Vision Wrecker Service, and their dispatcher confirmed that they had not picked up any vehicles that night and suggested that I notify the police about vehicle theft. Instead of taking his ill-provided advice, I went and spoke with the owner of the property about my next steps.

Tried calling the tow company again about an hour later, this time I was informed that they did in fact have my vehicle and asked how soon I would be coming to get it because they were "very busy" that night. Insisted I bring the outrageous amount of $325 CASH.

I insisted they show me the time-stamped photos they are required to take by law, upon being shown the photos these had obviously been fabricated. The time they claimed to have gotten my vehicle was 10 minutes prior to my arrival at their impound lot.

Called them out on this and they insisted that the photos were authentic and that I would still have to pay to retrieve my vehicle then seek reparations in court at a later date - my vehicle would not be released to me without paying.

In short, I'm still fighting these lying scumbags - if you see a parking lot with their name on the sign STAY FAR AWAY. You can guarantee one of them is sitting in the parking lot waiting to watch you walk away to swoop in and take you vehicle for ransom.

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