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Vision Visa Prepaid Cards

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-800-207-1805

Vision Visa Prepaid Cards Reviews

  • Jun 6, 2017

I have been a customer of Vision Prepaid Card for almost 10 years, now... it's not the best company but it helped when I needed it... On April 28th I saw 9 charges for the grand total of 879USD approximately. When I woke up and noticed the charges I haved deactivated the card and got through customer service to alert them to the fact that my card was cloned. I was told that since the charged appears to be pending they were going to block them and in 15 business days, I was going to see my money back in my card. I waiting those 15 business days with my surprise that my money wasn't there, I placed another call and spoke with a manager this time around. He informed me that I needed it to send a letter to the Dispute Department. so I did and now I received a letter stating that there are no error I those charges and they won't be giving me back my money.... You can imagine my surprised when I read the letter...I don't now who might have cloned my card, but I do know that I wasn't in 4 different places a the same time and didn't make those purchases and this is not closed... If any government agent , with expertise in this matter, is reading this actually pleaseeeeee HELP ME!

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