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Vision Prepaid Card

Country United States
State Georgia
City Marietta
Phone 1-800-207-1805

Vision Prepaid Card Reviews

  • Jan 6, 2018

A bank of america atm swallowed my withdrawal and i had to wait till the next day to report the incident because the company was closed with no emergency line.i called in the next day to report the situation and to file a claim to get my money returned and i was assured that i would get a letter in 2 to 3 days that i needed to fill out and fax back in to vision dispute dept.i waited 5 days and after no letter i called the company and was given the run around. i was told that i was supposed to fax them a letter and basically the lady prior had lied to me.i asked for info to report they told me due to security issues they couldnt give that info then to add insult to injury i did what they asked. i sat down and wrote out a full dispute letter and faxed it in but their fax was on sleep so i called back with the lady on the phone and tried to fax it again same thing so she told me she had to go because they were closing in 10 minutes and i could callback on monday despite this being an issue they caused. i now had to wait5 an additional 2 days to submit paper work to get my money back because their co worker didnt do her job......very sad.i've been with them for years but after this i'm out.

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