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Vision Marketplace

Country United States
State Alabama

Vision Marketplace Reviews

  • Jun 2, 2017

Bad experience, horrible, horrible customer service. I emailed them to ask how long it would take to get my lenses mailed to the US. I was told once I placed the order I would have them within one week. I placed my order and they still had not shipped within one week. Alex in customer service provided me with tracking and when I found out it would be several weeks before I received them I cancelled my order and Alex refused to contact me back when I asked for a refund. Do not order from Vision Marketplace.

  • Feb 16, 2017

Do NOT buy anything from this so called company. On January 7th I made a 138.00$ purchase of two contact lenses with prescription, the brand was Solitica which is a manufacturer based in Brazil. The company Vision Marketplace is based in Europe , so the waiting period to receive the product usually takes around 15 business days. That's even if you choose the express shipping and handling. This is stated on their website. To make my story short 30 days later I still did not receive my product. I spoke to a rep named Alex, who was polite but kept on apologizing for the wait , he said because my script was "unsual" the wait would be longer. I was refunded the second pair (which was never shipped) today. I am still waiting on the pair these people felt like shipping who knows when I'll ever get them. The tracking number has not been updated for several days. Moral of this horrible experience is had I bought from a more reputable online company I would be enjoying my contacts today. DO NOT purchase anything from this company!! Oh and their reviews are NOT legitimate .... my review was never posted which leads to me to believe all those reviews raving about their products (not a single bad experience) is utter garbage

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