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Vision Investment Properties, LLC.

Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 4701 S.W. Admiral Way
Phone (206) 391-6494

Vision Investment Properties, LLC. Reviews

  • May 22, 2018

Vision Investment Properties, LLC (VIP) needs to be investigated & exposed for negligence & misconduct. This business has been operating on West 3rd Street in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida. I've been a tenant since 03/15/2013 without being a problem. There are several issues that I have with VIP. I researched this company. I believe VIP has been operating in Jacksonville FL under a fictitious name. I called the Division of Corporations & VIP's name isn't registered nor is it registered as a DBA (Doing Business As) in Florida. I was told that "Rodney" is the owner/landlord. Troy Pimenta, who is said to be the maintenance guy, has been accepting rent payments from every unit at this location. Troy lives upstairs and he has at least 2 relativess who occupy the 2 units upstairs as well. Another issue I have is that a rental check I wrote to VIP in 2017 for Troy to pick up from my mailbox. He keeps denying that he did not see or present the check to be cash in August 2017.

I asked him several times if not him then who else is to blame. He told me that he has a bank card, but he doesn't have access to VIP's banking information. Troy also told me that I needed to take my issue to Rodney. As of 05/10/2018, I sent a letter to Troy from Navy Federal stating that VIP is solely responsible for presenting the check in question (see attachment). My inquiries & complaints have been ignored since 2013. I filed a formal complaint with Municipal Code on 10/13/2017 necause Iany repairs went undone. I have tried several times to contact Rodney in the past year. I then contacted the city when i couldnt get a reply from "Rodney". On 11/09/17, I started to receive texts from his number. The texts demanded that I pay an excessive amount of money to VIP and I informed this person that I was not going to pay any more than I was reponsible for.

I spoke to 4 tenants at VIP's other property at 1743 Perry ST. They all have eviction notices, too. They said they were told by Troy that their building will be sold. Unbeknownst to me, Troy filed an eviction notice on 11/16/2017 whichI believe is retalliation for my complaints. I didn't find out about the notice until 11/24/2017. I've been depositing my rent into the Court's registry since 11/27/2017. Ultimately, I am requesting that VIP be investigated in all capacities. I believe Trot and Rodney are not legitimate owners. I searched Washington State Department of Corporations and it states that Alan Hadeff is the registered agent. The efforts of VIP have been extremely poor & I hope justice prevails. I believe that if the roles were reversed, I'd ecperience much scrutiny from VIP. I believe that my complaint is being demoralized by VIP.

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